Grey’s Anatomy – 13×07 Why Try To Change Me Now – Review by S.


This week we had an episode pretty useless: not just filler, but also with an annoying plot; Thankfully c ’ were April and Jackson to pick ourselves up l ’ mood.

The winds of change has come with fury at Seattle Grey Sloan, and precisely has the appearance of Dr. Eliza Minnick (starring Marika Domiczyk, between the ’ other wife of Scott Foley, formerly of Grey ’ s and currently in Scandal); the Minnick is a consultant that Bailey and Catherine wants to change and improve the teaching program of ’ hospital. As we all know, When someone comes from external ’ to tell us how to do our jobs typically don't take very well. And in fact, none of our surgeons seem to welcome you with warmth, un po’ why he sticks in the operating rooms of others disputing anything and talking non stop and a little’ Why put seriously question their quality of teachers. Think differently interns, that all sudden ’ have new possibilities and you can hear your own the world, at the forefront with a scalpel instead of side to observe. Personalmente, It seems to me an angle a little trivial; I understand the desire and the need for renewal, I understand that bring some’ of mayhem all ’ in a now well established mechanism may trigger new and interesting mechanisms, but here it all seems unconvincing. It's like the novelty of secondary schools in which students give grades for teachers, and of course the most righteous but strict end up at the bottom of the League with Dean's lecture in support. What's the point?


Fortunately, the Minnick should also have another role; trusted sources, indeed, damage for sure that both she and the much anticipated Arizona's new love, and the first Exchange of banter between the two is indeed cause for hope. I hope this storyline is paramount with respect to revolution in operating theatres, but I'm afraid that won't be quite so: There is in fact a direct clash with Webber, He should be stripped of his seat in favour of newcomer, that with those blue eyes and a big grin seems tender and naïve but is really determined (and a tad bossy). At this point I would not be in the shoes of Bailey, and judging from his expression she would recommend it be somebody else.


Bad news also Amelia- Owen; as far as I understand the reasons for Amelia for not wanting more children and may even be d ’ agree with you on point, I can't get over how it is possible that these two are reduced so. They've been together almost a couple of ’ years, I even married (non dimentichiamolo!), yet they still fight on ’ have children or not… boys, but you have spoken so far?? They look like two little boys to first crush, un po’ of maturity wouldn't hurt, and this applies to both. When Amelia has finally told the truth it is distinctly heard the sound of the heart of Owen fall apart (for the nth time ’): destiny is really keen on him; where are all those women anxious you procreate?! I propose that Maria DeFilippi face a casting to find a companion to poor Dr. Hunt!


Only ray of sunshine in this episode were the interludes of April, with the kind cooperation of her ex-husband; who would have thought, just a few years ago, to find the Kepner on Tinder?! The fact that he “swipe left” for Jackson, then, It was the highlight of my night! As you'd expect, l ’ embarrassment between the two is palpable now that take in hand their lives separately but living in the same House; per fortuna, but, It is not yet time for the clash, so for now they enjoy while striving to be friends and parents, simply loving yourself.

Overall it was an episode that we did not; I finally had to compensate for my dissatisfaction with a marathon of the Boss of the ceremonies, and as much as I love the trash from Grey’s Anatomy I expect more than that.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – Let's pretend that nothing has happened and look forward to next

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