Grey’s Anatomy – 13×09 You Haven t Done Nothin ’’ (Final Winter)- Review by S.


In the best tradition greysiana, the first part of the season ends with a major cliffhanger, all about Alex: reached the point d ’ arrival of the storyline that began at the end of the twelfth season, and now we have to wait two months to discover the consequences.

Obviously a mid-season finale of Grey’s Anatomy can only contemplate some tragedy or catastrophe, and in fact here is that collapses a building in downtown Seattle, coincidentally just a few meters away from Meredith's car (and already thanks that collapsed from above). This emergency creates the perfect backdrop for nervous breakdown, anxieties, nodes that come home to roost and clarifications; If you add that we are looking eve of the trial of Alex, It really has the feeling of being in front of a moment that will forever change the cards on the table.


Alex initially takes things with what has become the classic philosophy: prepares the scenario worse trying to take care of the people who likes as long as it has the ability. But it's what he does after giving us truly the measure of his personal growth, how much has changed and matured. From ’ beginning of this storyline I defended the choice of Shonda Rhimes from charges of thwarting all efforts made by Alex over the years, and in the light of this episode I can confirm to have seen us right. In fact, with a delay of only six months, feeling threatened and cornered Jo finds the courage to confess to Alex the truth, admitting to not have ever said to keep him from getting into trouble in order to defend it. And actually that's what l ’ Alex of the past would do, without thinking twice, without stopping to reflect on the repercussions of his actions; It is possible that the ’ would make even l ’ Alex dell ’ falling in love with Jo, one of their first months together. After that no, ’ was not done and Jo was supposed to know him well enough to figure it out and tell him everything, Yet I l ’ did; has its share of blame in all this, but maybe c ’ is a reason why it happened: Maybe it was fitting that it dint because Alex to take conscience of the depth of its change. And in fact, Once you find the past of Jo, Despite the knee-jerk reaction of anyone who might be to blame her for bringing in these levels a simple misunderstanding, selling it so scared Alex puts her again in front of everyone: cares to make her feel safe, enhanced, trying to give her confidence and is ready to give up everything to help her.


Fortunately, c ’ is a network of people around to Alex who fight for him even when he seems to want to give up: None of them wants to endanger Jo, but it's not about her that you are talking about; You can take care of that affair after avoiding that Alex mandi all ’ air throughout his career, to save himself he must keep fighting. Meredith over everyone tries to make him understand that the nobility of his action is useless if the price to pay is sacrificing his life; He is in love and doesn't see things clearly, but a deal two years in jail will not help neither he, Neither Jo nor their relationship (how far is, I refuse to abandon the assumption that they will get their happy ending). I think the message by Meredith l ’ has convinced not to accept the plea bargain: they started from so far away and arrived there, can't stop fighting.


Lighten up a bit’ the context Arizona and Minnick, whose flirtation enter now live; Although they are clearly very concerned l ’ a all ’ other, Arizona communicates immediately to the new colleague how annoying it is that his attitude to be mistress of the world, and in fact it does not hesitate to deploy in defense of Richard When it turns out that will be ousted from his position. There are dozens of ’ hospital surgeons who want to defend those who have designed and created the residency program He trained and, instead of a personal conflict between Bailey and Webber (and Catherine), There is a clash between two factions of hospital staff. Internal dramas have always been fun to follow, Hopefully this doesn't fall into too much drama and find an acceptable ’ evolution.


I have to, purtroppo, tackle l ’ topic Amelia. While Owen reflects on their situation and even Riggs convinces him that it can fix, She does what she does best: Run away. Or at least, This is what it looks like, but there are many other possible interpretations for that letter. On this pair I have already expressed, and my comment is still the same: Why are you together and why you got married? Even Britney Spears's first marriage lasted more!

A great episode, less intense than last week but no less engaging, especially because he sees at the heart the fate of one of the Originals, the character that, along with Meredith, It is now the heart of the show, that represents both the origins and the future: that's why Alex cannot accept the plea bargain, c ’ is still needed him at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Alex, Don't do that!!

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