Grey’s Anatomy – 13×10 You Can Look (But You'd Better Not Touch) – Review by S.

Nothing but Blue Monday: the truly saddest day of the year is back on the air Grey’s Anatomy and, After a break of over a month, We immediately struck from behind with the sharp blade of sadness.

One consolation is that sadness does not concern any of our protagonists but only one patient from case especially poignant; the expedient of patient in prison to visit at night, in addition to, provides the perfect excuse to keep one week longer than the suspense created with the Winter final. We still have no idea, indeed, What I decided to do Alex: He certainly made his decision while Jo, Arizona and Bailey were born children in prison, and all three are convinced that he opted for the plea deal, as he had said he wanted to do. They don't know, but, the phone call at the last minute by Meredith, that certainly has touched the strings and probably did reflect a little’ better Karev on whether to throw away his entire career without even fighting: okay to sacrifice for love, but within a certain limit.

But the considerations on the fate of Alex occupy only the final minutes of this episode, set outside the Grey Sloan and totally devoted to his young and criminal protagonist; beyond some small observation of Jo and Bailey on the prison population (are only for a series of misfortunes or if you had it coming?) or medical supplies penitentiaries, Unlike the usual even doctors involved did not have a major role, everything is turned around the vaguely disturbing Kristin. Despite the disquieting character and look menacing, eventually even the Bailey sells before the sight of this young girl forced to face childbirth all alone and locked in prison. Indicative opting not to reveal what was the crime that led her behind bars: “stuff happens” and, at some point, counts only points to a human being, like everyone else, that at some point needs help, whatever happens.

The episode was not particularly significant under any perspective, but it's still a nice episode and it is precisely this that the series demonstrates its strength: emotionally involved audiences even without serious incidents and without disrupting the lives of some its protagonist. What Grey’s Anatomy can do is tell the people, and we can always have a great time, whether it's appeared in a single episode characters known or.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – A return in style Grey's Anatomy

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