Grey’s Anatomy – 13×11 Jukebox Hero – Review by S.

Two elements have perfectly balanced this episode: da un lato, a nagging and constant presence of Eliza Minnick in every corner of the hospital and, on the other hand, the suspicious absence of Alex from globe.

The question Minnick is more serious than I had expected: It goes far beyond the normal nuisance mixed with diffidence that accompanies any novelty, especially if imposed from above, Here we are at war, and now it's open war. The two sides, headed respectively by Bailey and Webber, I'm not numerically equitable: with Richard takes practically all the staff at Grey Sloan Memorial, but Bailey is the primary and has Catherine, which makes a big difference. The standoff appears to be just beginning, they are setting the stage for the clash opened, that won't be all that much to get. Things would certainly be easier if Eliza was not so obnoxious and irritating: I almost cannot bear the sound of her voice for more than 30 consecutive seconds. What did we do wrong? I would not be in the shoes of Arizona, that in addition to defending his operating room must also handle that flirtation began and remained in abeyance. A more sympathetic pretender, do not?

L’the absence of Alex, instead, initially mysterious, becomes less and less credible with each passing hour: I understand that the information desks of prisons that they secrete not availability, but it's a bit’ odd not to find it anywhere. The misunderstanding was still useful for keeping us on our toes for another episode (So what, practically, for two and a half months) and also to give us another demonstration of what Meredith is linked to Alex (If proof were still needed). So what, While the entire hospital mourns his plight of neo-con, Karev's in the arms of Morpheus, and when at the very last moment Meredith if he finds himself in bed we can easily infer that did not accept the agreement; This, but, leaves open one road: There will be a process. This also serves, probably, to prepare the ground for another great time: will have to get, indeed, the Showdown for Jo. All this talk of risks, all this tension fear to come discover they must lead somewhere, and the conclusion cannot be other than the direct comparison with the source of his (and our problems). Also Camilla Ludington, in a recent interview, confirmed that he expects to know soon, Jo's ex-husband, and the same goes for us: hoping to really put an end to this affair.

Just started it, instead, the double crisis of Amelia e Owen: a wedding so happy and so full of robust assumptions that lasted four episodes about space, a real milestone! Amelia has started with its moaning, as if you had realised now and suddenly he married, and Owen as always chasing her around like a puppy trying to work things out and forgetting their dignity. This woman is really ruining, It's so hard to understand?

The episode was pretty neutral and interlocutory, emotionally less challenging than the last and no major upsets in plot, except the last few seconds devoted to Alex (but, in background, someone really thought she would end up in jail?). The second half of the season is still growing, but certainly the Fireworks soon still very; Now we know: with Grey’s You should never let your guard down.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Someone hire a hit man to eliminate Minnick

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