Grey’s Anatomy – 13×12 None of Your Business " – Review by S.

We are now halfway through the season: the episode marked a turning point in some storyline but are still many loose ends and the situations to be resolved.

Great strides you make regarding Alex: in the end it all ends with a stalemate, Thanks to Daniel that she drops the charges making totally unnecessary any process. Everything nice, sì, but maybe thinking about it before? Andrew accomplishes this noble gesture in extremis, When he learns that Alex is going to accept the plea bargain, and of course it does just for showing off the eyes of Jo, What is the sense of all those scolding that trims the poor Alex? What do you expect, He went every day to ask him for forgiveness? It was pretty clear he had decided to face the consequences of her actions, There was no reason to wait all this time, other than to avoid the hero; We already knew that he's a good boy, this charade is only counterproductive and makes him do, in hindsight, a sorry figure.

On the other hand also the poor sad Jo is truly indescribable: until now I always defend, probably to do so were me and Camilla Luddington, but when enough is enough. He could forget about her to drop the charges, could ask Andrew to intervene (Since he hangs from his lips), Instead he remained there inert waiting for manna from heaven (played by Ben), as if everything was out of her control, with that face from Virgin Addolarata who goes to meet his fate without doing anything to change it (which is also at odds with what has always been his character). Do not save even the fact that steps on his day off to watch (presumably) Game of Thrones, of which apparently also Stephanie is a big fan: While Alex's life hangs in the balance she does nothing, absolutely nothing. So much so that falls from the clouds when it reported the big news, and here she rushes to him: and one expects something to happen, you say something, that she apologize for having forgotten to help him out while he was willing to give up his career to save her. But no, fix for long seconds and she doesn't open her mouth, does not emit sound, not even a verse onomatopoeic, no nothing. I understand that there are still too many loose ends, but for God's sake, It's been months that expect a breakthrough, give yourself a damn move.

Just as bad is my opinion on Eliza Minnick; I gave her the benefit of the doubt until last week, but at some point you have to accept the reality and say things as they are: This storyline doesn't work at all. It is not just the fault of the new character, rest Grey’s Anatomy has always managed to gradually introduce new characters and end up sending love (We arrived to find funny Teddy, for one thing), Here's something more. The Minnick is introduced as an antagonist, making it more difficult to become attached to her, but it is not the first to undertake this journey: We remember the aforementioned Teddy and more recently we had Riggs. After less than a year we all worship Riggs, even Owen, and we're talking about someone who has had to fill the void left by Derek Shepherd! The Minnick instead just can't take it, first and foremost because it's too annoying, you don't want oftrouble, complains about everything and with all (before asking for support of Bailey and after protest for the actions taken) and his attitude is always very aggressive, a tad too; Secondly, is the storyline itself doesn't hold up, because it is clear that if the project work and needed to help patients all other doctors would approve it, and instead aren't even touched by this idea. The consequence is the open war between two factions (and a marriage crisis between Richard and Catherine), with the naïve May put cleverly in the Middle: now will have to take the insults of all, Let us prepare ourselves to a new emotional breakdown.

I don't know how to comment, instead, the level of madness reached by Amelia: locked in his shell of self-pity and self-destruction, There is nothing to convince her to retrace his steps, even the entreaties of Owen. We are so sorry for this man, but then knew what she was getting into, If you suffer from the syndrome of CA is not our fault and we should not even bear the consequences: How many other pitiful scenes and nonsensical we should assist before this story is finally put an end (albeit many months late?).

Luckily there was Maggie to distract us, She with her family squabbles: the reaction to visit some’ impetuous of the mother is totally understandable, one of those things where everyone can relate: obviously, knowing the real reason of improvised, was even more painful than for her watch that fight and the resulting guilt. There is no doubt that the situation will be clarified and the introduction of this plot at least serves to divert Maggie from the love triangle with Riggs and Meredith, that made it particularly childish.

Overall the episode was okay, I would say that you saved thanks to certain scenes from the classic flavor of Grey’s Anatomy, How to eat lasagna on Meredith, the reaction almost indifferent to her and Alex to the proclamation of April as primary ad interim or jokes about the patient of barbed wire. Are these moments, where you test that feeling of familiarity of revising an old friend after a long or when you return home after a long absence, to do even Grey’s Anatomy, the thirteenth season, a Pearl of the television landscape.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Okay the change, but no one can mess with Meredith. #TeamMeredith

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