Grey’s Anatomy – 13×13 It Only Gets Much Worse – Review by S.

If the quality of an episode is evident not only from what makes you love his characters but by how you hate them, then we can say without any doubt that this episode is a masterpiece.

Almost every scene, indeed, I shouted insults at the screen, hoping it would take to Daffy from certain people; the appellation certainly more popular was “bitch”, followed by “all of you assholes”, and the recipients of these words of love are all women: April, the Minnick, Bailey and doubt even Catherine.

April is really a woman hopeless: not only are you undeservedly taken the place of Meredith, But pretend also to be right; his speech on medical malpractice hasn't really neither head nor tail, at least not in this case, the hospital would not be sunk because of his refusal. The April issue is always the same, a tremendous naivete: even the walls they had understood it had been Catherine put it in the Middle, but she just doesn't get it, When Jackson le insinuates doubt is pure offense. Dear April, No one wants to challenge you to be a good doctor, but you really only need two coaxing from your mother-in-law to fall at his feet? We must remember that only a year ago had pretended to want to be there during pregnancy and breakup with Jackson just to rip you off, sue you and take away a daughter still even born? How many times you gotta go to slam to know that you're just a pawn in his hands? Aside from the momentary anger for this move by turncoat, the most disappointing thing is the poor character evolution of April: After what he's been through I expected, at least, that had become a tad smarter.

The other big bitch of the episode (but also to all the previous ones) is the Minnick; as rightly noted Arizona, the attitude all “smiles and good humor to the bitter end” It has lost its appeal after the first few days (even after the first few minutes, as far as I'm concerned) and if you really want to try to get something must decide to change direction. Eliza is forced to realize it at the expense of a poor little boy of nine who dies on the operating table and Stephanie: I am so sorry for your child, but I am very glad that she has finally taken the beating he deserved. Inter alia, where has never seen a doctor who imparts life lessons when they don't even know what it's like to lose a patient? It is precisely at this juncture that emerges, by contrast, all the greatness of Richard: It's not just about having the lead in operating room, be doctors is much more, and there is no one who can teach it better than him.

The tragic event serves as a break to bring out (at long last) a new side of Eliza, the most fragile and, at times, sad. I don't know if this will be enough to save the drift of this character, It is certainly enough for a rapprochement with Arizona; I hope that this is not her new great love because I don't think I can tolerate it even in very, But seeing a new Eliza, at least some’ different, is already a small goal.

The episode does not convinced me entirely not for particular technical demerits (Apart from the involution of April), but only for the hassle I caused April and Minnick; rest, Despite his absence, Meredith was a great Star, relied on by all patients and defended by (almost) all colleagues: in spite of all, We are Team Meredith!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – I wonder if there is a limit to the idiocy of April

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