Grey’s Anatomy – 13×14 Back Where You Belong – Review by S.

After the debacle of last week, the location is somewhat improving Eliza Minnick: tempers seem to subside, the positions are less extreme and meeting places seem closer. Anyway, If in doubt, I am always Team Meredith.

Just introduced the storyline of abusive husband I feared that Alex He had a relapse: What would have made me laugh to see him ruin this beating also this guy on the first day of work?! Fortunately we were spared a similar fall in ridiculous, the aggressive guy has only served to show us again the reaction of The in the past kept hidden for so long. I hope that, being now introduces the topic, Miss you shortly upon arrival of former husband, so that the matter can be addressed and resolved once and for all. It is clear that, until you go to the root of the problem, things between Jo and Alex (and Daniel) remain unresolved, but the situation continues for many months, how much patience we have yet to bring?

Are actually fun, instead, sniping that Jackson turned to his ex-wife: April does so much offense but still does not understand what the point of the speech; Kidney Transplantation made by Ben and Stephanie will also been exciting, but she still took his place in Meredith for no good reason. Things seem to be still bound to change soon, Since the chats Meredith with Bailey and Richard seem to have stirred the waters: When the Minnick stops being an Elf loping and dripping with mirth his method began to be taken seriously, also from Meredith, and for that matter his strong defense of Richard had nature more personally and professionally. Demonstrated, for the umpteenth time and under another listing, having learned from the mistakes of her mother and of recognizing the priorities, that do not always coincide with the career. Reached this realization, I hope that we can leave behind this phase of homemakers and stakes in order to return to the usual and beloved hospital Dynamics.

The character of Minnick, rest, It evolves in all respects: chamfered corners of Eliza doctor and teacher, Arizona is gradually more freedom to approach her and, so, Finally finds space also the private side of Eliza. Just two weeks ago their relationship, as much as in the air from the outset, would not hold in any way; After this episode, instead, seem to be born with the right assumptions: another spell of Shondaland!

He's doing a little’ less well poor Riggs, forced to live every day with the pain of his girlfriend disappeared: all it took was a simple conversation on the subject, not even touching him explicitly, Why Maggie realize the emotional distance that divides them and, for retaliation, the closeness between him and Meredith. A first step towards the unveiling of altars in this love triangle, lately held a little’ on the sidelines. Certainly, not the news that Maggie will very well, but they're willing to bear a few hours of his moaning in return to see Meredith and Riggs together again.

It was a watershed episode in several respects: the return to work of Alex, the end of passive protest of Meredith, the turning point (may be) in the character of Eliza. All good assumptions on which to base the events of the second half of the season, that next week should begin to take shape.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – To be safe I keep hating Minnick still for a while’

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