Grey’s Anatomy – 13×15 Civil War – Review by S.

After a week off Grey’s back and, mid-season exact, sets the stage for the storyline that will accompany us up to the final; obviously, He does it with the usual ease and skill.

The chickens are coming home to roost at last to Amelia ed Owen: imprisonment of her was already long enough and had almost ridiculous, especially it is not acceptable for an adult human being chooses to ignore her husband for weeks just because he doesn't want to fight. There are so many things wrong in the behavior of Amelia and in this report that I wouldn't even know where to start to list them; Owen has a Jinx noticeable in women, but at some point if the search, enough with this syndrome of CA, haven't you learned anything from Cristina? Another thing I would have to learn from the previous relationship is to clarify immediately the position of both on the subject “children”, and yet nothing to do; We are still back to square one, back here discussing the same things, in a dead end alley and into a relationship that can end only one way: bad. Think about it before instead of being carried away by emotions of the moment, do not?

Something moves (finally) also on the front Meredith-Riggs: for Alex, who knows Meredith as their pockets, It was easy to notice the sparks between the two, but the fact that he doesn't notice serves to bring the story to a new level. So far, indeed, only those directly involved (In addition to the viewers) they were aware of what happened between them; now that a third party is somehow involved, It opened the door for a gradual introduction of the eyes of all members. The thing is obviously not going to be easy, mainly because there is still the problem Maggie, but I hope it will be addressed soon so at least we take off the thought: her sooner or later if you will make a right and we we'll finally have a new pair from shippare. I hope Meredith decides to capitulate quickly succumb to courtship of Nathan, that over so you couldn't expose: How do you say no?

New problems arise, instead, in house Avery: Catherine has not been forgiven by Webber for the move unfair to assume the Minnick, and though he slowly begins to find a meeting point with the newcomer, the basic problem between husband and wife gets. Despite this Richard does not seem to fear the worst for their report (seemed more puzzled than Kiss between Eliza and Arizona, but we can figure it out), to inalberarsi most of all and feed a flame which now seems to have turned off is only Jackson. While sharing certain criticisms of the Minnick and also those directed to the cynicism of the mother, Admittedly, his zeal for the cause seems, a questo punto, un po’ disproportionate: and in fact hiding something else, apparently something to do with his professional background dissatisfaction. Jackson's family name is strong for many episodes that door and the power that comes with it, but as he points out Catherine what matters is not the surname, But what are you doing. The jokes at the expense of April are always fun (will definitely rocked a primary, but in another hospital and in another life: always Team Meredith!), but actually in this case is not to blame (If not your average to be a little’ naïve): the jealousy that triggers in Jackson has nothing to do with what happened at Grey Sloan or Minnick, only depends on what he wants to change his life, the type of Avery that he wants to be.

The attention devoted to Jackson's character is prodromal events of the next episode, dedicated entirely to him and April; It will be a continuation of the famous “Japril: The Movie” and, In addition to their marital problems, You should, precisely, delve into the private and family life of Jackson. And we could never complain of an episode dedicated to Jackson Avery? I don't think so!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Meredith, make up your mind and declared at Riggs, possibly turnaround

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