Grey’s Anatomy – 13×16 Who Is He (And What Is He to You ")? – Review by S.

This week we took a break from a trip to Montana in cool Grey Sloan Memorial, in the company of only one of the couples now historical series: the Japril.

The episode is presented as the sequel to the highly successful”Japril: The Movie” last year, but it differs greatly from its predecessor: more than tell and delve into the history between the two main characters between the present and flashbacks, indeed, This time it's Jackson to be in the spotlight, and the main storyline involves only him. As suspected by end of last episode, Jackson is facing a difficult period, a kind of identity crisis if we are to, which leads him to ask many questions about the man who is, from every point of view. The sudden interest in the Avery Foundation, I had already figured out, It was a response to this crisis, as well as continually stressing the surname which brings, and this turns out to be at the heart of the matter: Jackson is in search of his roots, and it's going to Montana to treat a kid just because it's there that he finds his father. The father, Robert Avery, that left him and his mother several years earlier, without ever looking back and return to their lives.

The meeting reunion between Jackson and his father is very different from what you expect; different from how it was expecting Jackson and different from what the average Viewer might imagine. Apparently, Robert is perfectly happy to live in Montana and manage your bar, is fulfilled and satisfied with his life; She looks Seraphic and pacifica, does not recognize the son even by mistake but when he reveals his identity is genuinely pleased and curious to meet him. Despite this, does not excuse, does not seek his forgiveness, does not mention even the fact of abandoning him; is this to surprise us and Jackson initially, because it would be the obvious thing to expect. But even more surprising is the inability to prove hatred for the man from the face smiling and affable; Jackson holds back the tears and we want to defend it, but Robert is so friendly, is a really good person. In this Grey’s Anatomy remains absolutely unsurpassed: This series taught us to see life in black and white instead of gray scale, and if Robert Avery, father who abandoned his family, in the popular imagination is a monster and an enemy, in reality it is only a good man; He certainly wrong in its past, was unable to take his responsibilities, but this is not all that defines. In his place I would have modestly revised its communication strategy to use with son found, but it is certainly not an evil being. Is a human being, with its merits and faults, imperfect and complex, neither better nor worse than many other. Surely the merit of making it so well the character goes, In addition to authors, who did you interpreted: Eric Roberts (brother of Julia Roberts and father of Emma Roberts, for those not up to date) has done an amazing job, giving a face to who for years had been just a name, and giving it a face now impossible to forget.

The fact that the episode was focused mainly on the personal lives of Jackson has nonetheless made overshadow April. His role was crucial and decisive for the evolution of Jackson on his relationship with his father; It is thanks to her that Jackson decides what to do and what position taken with regard to Robert (that is, consider it a closed chapter, with the awareness of being a better father than he). Throughout the episode April was unwavering support for Jackson and a landmark; this time, Unlike many other, She has not demanded anything from him (If you don't do your job), Neither accused of anything; This definitely demonstrates the depth and sincerity of their bond, just being the “person” each other they could face so these events. The epilogue, instead, He left me somewhat perplexed: galvanized and excited for the success of the operation, as well as frequent starting from conversations about Robert, the Japril end up in bed together, but more than an epilogue looks like the start of something; the problem is that no one knows what, might come together as well as could be a sporadic episode (like the one that led to the birth of Harriett), It's really hard to predict the direction that will take things between the two. But maybe that's the beauty of their storyline?

The episode was really well done not only for discoveries and news of Japril, but also for the perfect balance between the medical case of the week and the personal lives of the main characters; even more impressive was that the story of the young patient was especially poignant and engaging, When you might have been expected something less relevant as a counterbalance to such important events out of hospital. The balance between all its components makes this episode one of the best of the season, as well as further confirmation of how Grey's Anatomy is a Pearl of the television landscape.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – We knew that Jackson was rich, But even the private plane??!

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