Grey's Anatomy 13×17 – Till I Hear It from You " – Review by S.

Another fine episode for a series that seems to never miss his enamel: After thirteen years of airing not everyone keep us still glued to the screen, eppure Grey’s always manages to do so with ease.

One of the keys to success in this endeavor is to create believable characters, to which the audience can become attached, so that it remains interested in their lives year after year. Outlining the many shades of the human psyche, While remaining faithful to the character of each character, has always been the most highly prized of Grey's, and this includes telling the downsides of persons, and make it look like their characters of horrible human beings. And’ exactly what happened now with Amelia: There was so much meanness in the words that he addressed to Owen that it automatically switch on the wrong; per di più, was no malice free, completely inappropriate and unwarranted. No one says that the poor Amelia have to want their children or that husband and wife cannot already be a perfectly happy family, but perhaps we had to think before. It was she who pretend to Owen of wanting the same things, want children, to be sure you want to marry, suddenly changed his mind and has the nerve to reprimand him because she feels suffocated?! But in that world lives?! Thinks he can marry people and after can do whatever she wants without accountable to no one? Is nothing but an eternal teenager in prey to hysteria, always blaming others for his problems without assuming any responsibility. There is no need for the Beebs plummet to defend it with drawn sword: any person with common sense could ever forgive those words; It is one thing to understand his painful past and understand why their choices, Another thing is to treat people like dusters just because she has a sad story behind (breaking news: they have it all, especially in Grey’s Anatomy).

Luckily the rest of the episode was dedicated to characters with a minimum of extra mental balance (including two adorable vecchietti). The storyline Maggie and his mother is very sad and looks set to continue on this path; to deal with the illness of his mother, Maggie will seek support in Meredith, probably (According to what stated by the cast during the PaleyFest), having to deal with an event as serious as the risk of losing the mother will help you look at the rest of his life under a different perspective. Specifically, will help you to not give too much weight to the inevitable discovery of the nascent relationship between Meredith and Nathan. I mean, We speak of that Declaration of love! After having held for months on your toes, Meredith finally has convinced; We are all ready to cheer for this couple (Merthan?), Although I imagine that things will not go as smooth as silk: always remember that the story is about Meredith, and she is the first time that tries to take over her love life after Derek, It is obvious that there will be unpredictable and problems, but I remain hopeful.

There is always the question of eternal friendship between Meredith and Alex: for a long time among fans chasing voices (positive and negative) on a possible breakthrough sentimental of the couple, and Shonda seems to have officially taken note in this episode with that wry banter between the two (“you're hot”, Alex says to her friend); There are actually some good reasons in support of this hypothesis (No one understands how to understand each other, Riggs recalls too Derek to be the definitive man…) But even valid reasons to oppose: just think of what happened with Izzie and George, for one thing. I don't think I'm ready to face a similar change in the dynamics between characters, but then, it doesn't have to happen now; Grey’s She managed to make us accept things that we never thought, so if the stoyline was well written and well executed… insomma, May dire May, but for now I am all Team Nathan!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – We all agree that Amelia cannot afford to appoint Cristina, true?

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