Grey’s Anatomy – 13×18 Be Still, My Soul – Review by S.

We knew this eighteenth episode, the first directed by Ellen Pompeo, would be sad; from the trailer we could also already have an idea of what to expect, eppure Grey’s Anatomy always manages to hit the right spot, and this time there ran away a tear.The episode was dedicated to Diane, Maggie's mother; Unlike our, the daughter was not yet come to know of the tumor with whose mother wrestled from time, and within 43 minute we saw her complain (Ironically) breast surgery, Discover the tumor, process the idea of disease, thinking about a thousand and action plans, assist the ailing mother during surgery and convalescence, think you've passed the worst and, Finally, tell her suddenly goodbye. In Conclusion, a slight bet! Diane, in the last days of life, was very different from the mother and severe Chuffed often described by Maggie; as happens so many times, which has become the account being now arrived at last, lowered barriers and put aside useless preconceptions to try to enjoy the last few days with daughter, to try to teach her as much as possible in the time left available to them. Diane showed a wicked sense of humour, acute but not mouthed, in line with that of the entire series, that was the most touching scenes and painful counterpoint; dinner at Meredith's House is certainly one of the funniest moments of the season, Thanks to complex family plots between characters and irony with which they are faced: is the attitude of a series that you know what it's worth and, for this, can you afford to not take itself too seriously.

The relationship between Maggie and her mother We'd figured out, more for having heard it for him often, but this episode has done nothing but confirm what we already knew. In contrast to Meredith and Ellis, Maggie and Diane are unique in their normal: have always been a peaceful relationship, devoid of particular misunderstandings or problems, and attend to their farewell was sad; more than any other story you can, In this case, identify themselves in the characters, in a daughter who doesn't know how to cook mom's lasagna and a mother who wants to teach him before it's too late, an ordinary woman, from the common life, they fight until the last just to not disappoint his little girl.

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The consequences of bereavement in the family Pierce have an impact on people that surround Maggie: first of all Meredith, which over the years has learned to be a perfect sister and does not hesitate for even a second to put in abeyance its almost-relationship with Riggs to concentrate on his family; even Amelia deigns to come out of his stupor to help Maggie and her neighbor: the final scene of the three sisters eating lasagna by Diane, with just the clinking of forks to break the silence, is one of the most touching moments, and the credit goes entirely to Ellen Pompeo; rest, After a wee Meredith so complex and true for thirteen years, couldn't have outdone even in this new role.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Ellen Pompeo can do everything!

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