Grey’s Anatomy – 13×19 What’s Inside – Review by S.

After the death of Diane last episode, It was predictable that this week was dedicated to the mourning of Maggie and upon his return to everyday life; and as Dr. Pierce is the most balanced of the sisters, She also has its difficulties.

Unlike what everyone thought, Maggie has no problem performing a very complicated surgery during his first day back at work; everything goes smoothly, but not because Maggie fulfill some extreme action (How to operate with an abortion in progress at Meredith), simply because it does its job. Con Grey’s We are accustomed to wild stories and incredible (no less exciting), and in this context of bombs, drownings and plane crashes Maggie is the standard-bearer of normalcy, the life of ordinary people. Also in grieve Maggie smoothly covers this role: in that hospital there are those who have faced worse, But what confronts you is what we face all. How many of us do, Maggie chooses to plunge headlong into the work to distract themselves from their problems, per di più, as a doctor, has a duty to carry out its tasks perfectly, and it does so without blinking. What his colleagues don't expect, but, his real state of mind: nothing happens for probaly, don't go crazy during the operation, does not yield to tears with the scalpel, but Maggie is not well; are desperate and feel the lack of the mother, He doesn't know how to cope with life without her; the only thing he can do is work and, When you're done, cry embraced her sisters. After teaching us that even in the strangest tales and unrealistic you can find valid teachings for daily life, Grey’s Anatomy tackles the charm of community life: renew itself so after 13 seasons is not a small thing!

Along with Maggie, Star of the episode was Meredith; at first cannot understand his sister: She that before an injury becomes a little’ “dark and twisty” (to put it mildly), in good company of Amelia who threw himself into drugs to overcome pain, don't really understand how can stand Maggie, that simply bring flowers on the grave of the mother without another word. Becomes convinced that her sister's fine and rushes to organize her first date with Riggs, but don't hesitate for one second to send him back (Although it is obvious that he cares) as soon as she realizes that her family needs her. His solution, obviously, It cannot be that dance above: These scenes are always a treat for the eyes, It is as if with glia years were for us that we become therapeutic only. Meanwhile, poor Riggs is terrified of Arizona and his comments about Derek; This conversation should also serve to silence once and for all the naysayers of the couple Wed-Nathan: No one wants to replace Derek, on the contrary, It is well understood that no one else will ever be to Meredith the great love that he did. But life goes on, nobody makes a cloistered nun, and then we might as well take what good life has to offer us.

The Bailey's interludes with Richard and Ben were a nice setting for the episode, a staple and muted tones; There were also new: Maggie finds the courage to start this new chapter of his life with the help of Jackson, and you know that when approaching in moments so delicate it is very easy for born something. I don't think it can be nothing serious, at most a short adventure, but for me, anything goes: We do a spite in April and at the same time we release Riggs, What more can you ask for?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – We have to wait long for the appointment of Meredith and Nathan?

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