Grey’s Anatomy – 13×20 In the Air Tonight – Review by S.

After a discreet period when Grey’s He turned his attention to more or less normal life events (Although according to its particular parameters), leaving behind natural disasters and shootings, This week the series surprised us with a heart-pounding episode worthy of his most epic moments.

The premise of having Meredith and Nathan together aboard a plane would have been enough for a good episode, But why limit yourself? And in fact, the first thing that we hear the voice of Meredith's “turbulence“, and even here we understand that things are about to get ugly. The turmoil doesn't start right away: There is just enough time for Mer and Nathan might antagonize some’ and give in to carnal instincts in the plane's bathroom. Then, It goes live: in a time of one minute here are broken wrists, fainting and respiratory crisis. Unlike past episodes highlight, but, This time it is not put at risk the lives of any of the protagonists, which seems like a significant step forward; We can focus on the fate of patients without fear of having to face another mourning, but I must say that despite this tension has been felt: see the plane move jerkily as Meredith put the syringe in a stranger's skull was very intense! It should be noted also that, usually, the scenes of this type, those that make us hold our breath, they last a few minutes inside a frame of over half an hour, While this time, from start to finish, There was no time to catch my breath, I came to the end with palpitations!

Obviously, living a similar experience with someone else can only give rise to a special bond; This is especially likely if the persons concerned are taken and you give up for months and if, small detail, they just had sex in a bathroom (but also elsewhere). Meredith and Nathan They argue with each other during emergencies and, between a crisis and the other, they talk very openly about their situation and their feelings: It seemed that things had reached a turning point, Although Meredith had returned the dinner to stay close to Maggie was still skewed towards his lover. Now he seems to have taken a new step backwards, but Riggs is a hard nut to crack: the admirable thing about him is that he's not to beg her to give him a chance, Please give it to herself; knows that the problem is not be interesting in his eyes, the problem is that Meredith has scared. Confirms herself when, to defend themselves from the words of Riggs, takes refuge behind a “I'm married“; between you and Riggs is there anything (or, at least, There may be), If you allow yourself to sleep could be relatively easy, enjoy a new romance is very difficult.

Do not help much in the decision also flashbacks of Derek: We see them before, along with those of other survivors in plane crash, When Meredith faces the fear of the turmoil to help injured passengers; but after, at the end of the flight, When the tension of the emergency has now diluted, return to hit harder, with the most significant images of Meredith and Derek, the images of those scenes that made us fall in love. Is normal (and very sweet) that Meredith come to mind these parts of his past while Riggs curtains out to accompany her to the future: You can say that so far his heart always belonged to Derek, after him had never even considered the idea of having to start over with someone else. Eppure, life has gone so, and those memories of Derek (Unlike what many might think) aren't there to restrain, they are there to encourage her. With Derek, Meredith has learned to love, has become less dark&twisty when she thought there was no hope; If now closed her heart would be like going back, wouldn't it be a romantic sacrifice on behalf of Derek, but it would be like denying all that is good has won thanks to him. Meredith understands and, with great courage, accepts the invitation of Riggs.

The final scene, with the two running exchanging wisecracks, is very sweet, true to the evolution of the character of Meredith; with those flashbacks, It is also a tribute to Derek and the crucial role and unforgettable that took the life of Meredith, in that series and that of all of us.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – I hope I don't have to take planes a short

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