Grey’s Anatomy – 13×21 "Don't Stop Me Now – Review by S.

If anyone had ever had any sympathy for Maggie, We can say with certainty that, After this episode, has been wiped out as the emotional stability of all fans Grey’s Anatomy After the deaths of at least three favorite characters.

If I was not already clear to everyone that in love triangle with Maggie and Riggs worldwide supports Meredith, We have had confirmation from the very first scene: Meredith that speaks for itself (and with Alex) repeating the speeches to do his sister is the champion of us all; who hasn't ever found in that situation, acting in mind sentences before giving an important news or before a feared confrontation with best friend/co-worker/boss? Although Meredith hasn't done anything wrong, anxiety about facing the truth is heard, because you know that in these cases the rationality matters very little. And in fact Maggie, as soon as he realizes what happened between his sister and Riggs, gives free rein to all the classic teenage got issues. Looks like a little girl at first crush and it's really hard to tolerate his long face throughout the episode; I can understand the initial shock, but after the story by Meredith continues to make the offense just on a whim. Among other things it should be remembered that Riggs has always rejected and stopping to think about the fact that her sister, where there were already some feelings, they did everything to suffocating them, and that's just not bother you, poor little defenseless. Since we know it is so filled her mouth with solemn phrases on the relationship between the sisters and the priority that this should have, always ready to challenge anyone dismisses minimally by its standards, Yet now it is she who screams and calls for no reason just the expense of that much vaunted bond. Surely you have granted stay wrong initially, but does it really too long: It is so flawed and tarnished by its protagonism that you don't realise how Meredith has done for her, acting (She did) like a real sister. Luckily at the end of episode deigns to talk to her at least the word, and I hope that seeing with his own eyes what League Meredith and Riggs realize pretty quickly that things went as it was right they came and, above, not to have undergone any wrong.

And there is also another reconciliation, This long-awaited: Richard and Catherine they can finally overcome their misunderstandings; We had to wait for weeks, with that poor man who slept alone in hospital, and in the end took two words well bedded of Bailey and, above, worms. I don't know if it is an early or disturbing, But let us not dwell too much on this point: the important thing is that even among these two be returned to the peaceful, We can't take on too many crises at once. Also because it is still in place also between Amelia ed Owen: my mind had been trying to remove this information, but Shonda remedied: Li si is seen in one scene, For more without even dialogues, but that was enough to emphasize once again the lack of dignity of poor Owen. This man can't really get rid of CA, How many more times will have to be bullied by the woman on duty before they give up?

Despite Maggie's pouting and worms throughout the hospital, I will remember this episode as a happy watershed: with almost sister approvals, maybe finally get a joy also for Meredith! And who we hoped more?!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Maggie, stop complaining and leave Riggs to your poor sister!

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