Grey’s Anatomy – 13×22 Leave It Inside – Review by S.

Missing two episodes per season finale of Grey’s Anatomy and in this we could see the first hints of a storyline that will culminate in the final and, definitely, continue to grow in the fourteenth season.

We already know that the final will be “on fire“, something big is going to happen, but fortunately it seems that at least on the face Meredith-Nathan You can stay relatively quiet: the existential drama of Maggie, fortunatamente, were more or less tamed, so we can focus on the adorable little steps typical of a pair at the beginning of its history. Come sempre, the case of the week is a pretext and, at the same time, one food for thought for the players, that brings us to new achievements; Meredith has made a decision and won't come back, He decided to live his new life; Although long accustomed to reflections on death and starting over, This particular stage is the first for her as well; After taking the decision to embrace the future, indeed, you have to go to the hard facts, and this is where things get more difficult. Derek will always be the love of his life, but certainly can not invite Nathan in his room with the design of the tumor on the wall or with post-it framed on the nightstand. Hard to embrace the future with her husband dead watching you! If you put the post-it in a drawer was painful for us to watch, just imagine what might have been for her to do it: Yet it had to be done, not for cruelty or to forget, But why, as I repeated countless times, She can't die with Derek and, as he says at the end, sometimes worth the risk.

There is also another report that is mentioned since the beginning of the season and still has to get to the heart, namely that between Arizona and Minnick; the two finally playing cards, but this infinite courtship is likely to annoy, I hope they get to the point within the next two weeks so that by September are already an official couple; the initial stage is long enough! Real star of episode, but, was Alex: has matured and improved over the years, but his impulsive and passionate nature is always the same; don't make more unnecessary head shots, But if you have to risk jail time to save the life of a child certainly didn't pull back. Stephanie also had a role in the story, and its main function was more like that of freak pulling an iPad to the imbecile child's father (portrayed by Matthew Alan, known to fans as careful to be the boyfriend of Camilla Luddington). Actually, as regards Stephanie, this case, together the observations of Minnick on his behaviour in General, It served to kick off the storyline that, presumably, will lead to his departure from the scene; We know that next season won't be Sandeep Hinton, and it is natural that it thought for her a farewell worthy of the series, not a trivial transfer.

The other news that seems destined to occupy the final hours of the season is that phone call from Alex Attorney: suddenly need a private investigator to “find a person”. It is not difficult to imagine whether dell’ex-husband of Jo, Although I am not very clear why he is thinking right now (This is perhaps the only flaw that I find on the script of the episode, in the case of Stephanie all steps, from the clinical case of moment to his personal experiences, they are much more natural and logical). But anyway, Although the idea came a little’ a caso, Alex has started something; We may be wrong about the husband of Jo, but it's something that sooner or later will have to be addressed, and what better occasion than a season finale? Moreover we still have to find out what the mysterious role of guest stars Matthew Morrison (Glee), spotted on the set of Grey's a few weeks ago and immediately given as likely antagonist of Alex. And while Alex is preparing to save the woman he still loves, Jo is the only good thing about the last nine months: give a nice pullback in DeLuca. After being kept quiet so far, He inexplicably decides to plead, but now the time has passed; It happened months ago, I feared that Jo would give way to its appeal as a good guy, but he did nothing, just stood there staring off., and she fortunately has filed every temptation. Cc DeLuca, CC!

Whatever the fold taking events, We'll find out very soon; Now we are really winding down and, for the nth time ’, We are on pins and needles waiting for the last hours of the year spent at Seattle Grace: to convey this feeling to viewers after thirteen long years is probably the best goal that a series can achieve.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – If Meredith does not know where to put it I offer myself to keep post-it note in my room

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