Grey’s Anatomy – 13×23 True Colors – Review by S.

“Look at you being the sane one”

Never a joy, boys; never a joy. The rest, the penultimate episode of season of Grey’s Anatomy What else we could have expected?

If the ability to grow and change is one of the qualities of this series which I praised in recent years, It is also true that in life there are fixed points, and one of these is that the Grey’s Anatomy usually involve tragedies and/or natural disasters. So why not honor this tradition? You can very well tell stories of life in which all are able to identify and, at the same time, give us unforgettable heart-pounding minutes. The rest, events at this level not seen in a while, and witness an explosion in the corridors of Grey Sloan Memorial with an alleged demise of our addition to return from the dead of another character was a nice blast from the past (We want to talk about ending with the shooting? Or Meredith with his hand on the bomb? Or near-drowning? Or the blackout? Robe that Beautiful levati!).

This year the stars of anxiety-based storyline were Stephanie, a rapist and a troublesome child: a perfect trio, insomma. Stephanie is quite unfortunate in getting the maniac lunatic on the first day of work, Maybe it would really be better to stay in therapy for a few weeks. Handles the situation with ingenuity and courage, I'll probably be in his place I would have sacrificed that annoying kid to save me, Instead she cares much for safekeeping; purtroppo, Although the idea of setting fire to the rapist was really bright (and also appealing to watch), Stephanie manages to avoid the explosion that, It is assumed, the claimed the lives of. There is still no clarity on his lot, Maybe she didn't die but only very wound, Maybe you save but for the trauma will abandon the work; insomma, could go in many different ways but, in any case, We know that this is the environment that will lead to his departure from the scene. As much as I've been particularly nice, over time she has had an increasingly important role within the series and is supposed to be way off with a storyline worthy of his character.

The other major event of this semi-final is the revelation shock on Megan, Owen's sister: looks like, against all odds, She's still alive. Poor Owen is obviously upset and not allowed even a second of happiness to collapse immediately in (more than understandable) feelings of guilt. Very sorry to see him so (because he doesn't give okay a lately), but the good thing is that at least Amelia remembers being his wife and tries to be close as can (for example talking to Teddy on the phone: Hi Teddy, long time no see you!). Don't start with the praise to Amelia and her kindness because you didn't do just nothing special, on the contrary, This is the minimum levels necessary you could expect from her, and everything you've done up to ten minutes before remains deeply wrong, selfish and unfair. But who knows that her sister found can bring clarity even on Amelia's double and Owen (even if, considering how they are made, I highly doubt it).

This newfound sister takes us to deal with the topic Meredith and on this point I reiterate my initial thought: NEVER A JOY. Ever, Needless to pay gold. She and Nathan were put 9 months just for the first appointment, now, finally, she convinces him to let him know the children, I am all the time with little heart-shaped eyes at screens and Shonda what does? Brings back to life the great love him?? Oh no!! Not worth so!! Me Megan was nice as well, but when she died! Now arrives and sends me all apart, It's not fair! How dare you to stay alive so, without notifying anyone? People have really lost your manners!

I conclude with Alex who found the ex-husband of Jo (as expected starring Matthew Morrison) It is a day to be mental journeys on how to approach it, but then forget everything. And luckily, add, all we need is another fight, but the thing is not going to end like this; I have anxiety about what will happen, also because it probably won't be any good.

In Conclusion, This episode brought us at ancient atmospheres Greysiane, those of when nobody could ever be said to be safe, When poking ex-wives and lovers suddenly and when we were about 40 minutes with bated breath hoping that everything would end well. There may be best conditions for the season finale?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – But dead people cannot remain dead? And why, with all the surnames available, Alex can think of being Stevens? Just remember Izzie, rimuoviamola from our minds

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