Grey’s Anatomy – 13×24 Ring of Fire (Season Finale) – Review by S.

The thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy ends with a finale enough adrenaline, the right amount of emotion and tragedy but also some gaps in writing that, sincerely, I did not expect.

But let's start with the positives: a simple fire could turn out to be trivial (especially when compared with the disasters of other, especially it would be tedious to follow Stephanie in his fight against the flames; make the little girl whose caring made easier for us be passionate to the storyline and fear seriously for their fate; rest, If the survival instinct makes people capable of unthinkable gestures, the survival instinct combined with the duty to save a child (How unsympathetic) further amplifies the thing. See Stephanie and Erin literally pass through a wall of fire, climb laboriously stairs only to then lose hope to get out of the hospital and finally cried out for help from the roof was really engaging, I can't deny that she kept me in suspense.; I often feared the worst, and see them arrive alive at the end of the episode was really heroic. Despite this, the epilogue of the story leaves me somewhat puzzled: having spent my entire childhood and adult life in hospitals, Stephanie decides to abandon his career as a surgeon to get away from that environment; risk of dying leads her to move away from that world; Ok, but the risk of dying and having spent his life in the hospital wasn't exactly why was a surgeon (and one that good)?? I can understand the idea of trauma leading to take drastic action, but at least blame him take a consistent with its history! We ask too much?

Unfortunately for us the plot presented other holes, and being a season finale isn't a problem recently. The main one concerns Alex: a few characters have been mistreated as him in these last episodes; What is the point of him to find her husband of Jo then nothing happens? And where was Jo?? Okay to show less because of pregnancy by Camilla Luddington but cannot disappear suddenly! His absence is a problem because the season had started placing Jolex at Center, or at least in a prominent position; everything revolved around Alex and to the past by Jo, They seemed on the verge of making great progress (one way or the other) and suddenly everything disappears into thin air? It is not a serious behavior from the authors, nor towards the spectators nor against Alex.

Similar criticisms can move the storyline of Minnick: If we're going to find an excuse to liquidate it, I agree; If we have to realize that he had always been right Richard, I agree. But then why pull it so long? Why so much effort to find her a place and a role, do pleasure (with poor results) and begin creeping towards a relationship with Arizona (practically have been together two weeks) If at the end he goes for the same reasons that it is criticized from the outset? It doesn't make any sense, and I don't like it when the storylines don't make sense, from Grey’s I expect more. Another minor incident destined, but, to become relevant in the coming season is the love that blooms between Jackson & Maggie: anticipated immediately after the death of Diane and remained dormant for all subsequent episodes, not fully manifested even now, or at least not in the traditional way; It is understood that between the two same starting something in a dialogue with one another or in a more intimate moment shared but, Strangely, in the scene involving also May. We look at Maggie and the former husband for us to understand that something was going to happen, and probably we realized before we thereof directly involved; This narrative ploy loved and is a success, at least balance a little’ certain other inexcusable gaps.

Luckily there was a storyline absolutely perfect, that is enough to make me turn a blind eye to everything else. The only one who never disappoints, our confidence and our pride: Meredith Grey. If writing the episodes can sometimes betray other characters, with she never misses a beat. There have been explosions, flames and children trapped, but the most heroic and most touching gesture was to Meredith's silent against Nathan. When he reveals that Megan is living worries she's OK, who is physically able to deal with such news; When he finally realizes the situation (Cheers to Martin Henderson for the interpretation) He shares his joy, and it is clear that the shares really, who understands what he is trying; the pain of losing their respective great loves is what brought them together from the start, Nobody better than she can understand that emotion, absolutely legitimate. You say the same when he, awkwardly, He realizes that the reappearance of Megan is inevitably conflicts with the relationship with Meredith: “If this was Derek, I'd already be gone“. And this also allows us to understand that rightly so, things have to go so: If he were Derek, all would go from him. It is a pity that the story with Nathan finishes, but at least it taught her to start over, He taught her to start a new chapter of his life, that is why we are fond of Meredith over the years: Why, before our eyes, every year we see her face life and grow.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ ½ – We must prepare ourselves to welcome Megan on the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial?


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