Grey’s Anatomy – 14×01 Break Down the House – 14×02 Get Off on the Pain (Season Premiere) – Review by S.

After four long months of absence we finally went back to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, with a special two-hour premiere in which the events are taken exactly from the day after the season finale.

Despite changes rather important and shocking revelations, you will immediately notice the lighter tone and playful that Shonda Rhimes and the cast members we had anticipated during summer: Since the death of Derek forward, the series faced a rather dark period, not in terms of ratings or quality but, rather, in relation to the intensity of the storyline and the choices of characters. By Meredith April, by Alex and Jo to Riggs and Owen, for all the past couple of years have been emotionally challenging. To allow us to catch your breath, then, the authors have seen fit to lighten the load, giving us a little’ more humor, that over time had gone missing; This does not mean that there are still several major news a little’ for all: insomma, Okay laugh and joke, but it is always Grey’s Anatomy that it is!

The first important change is the cliffhanger of the season finale, that is the finding of Megan, sister of Owen and Nathan's great love. Despite arriving with a perfect hairdo from an overseas trip, the appearance is leaving soon to the practical problems to be addressed: I'm glad that the authors have not followed the path of kidnapping victim survived by miracle, otherwise with his PTSD could keep tour for full years, other than slight climate. Megan is going relatively well and with her personality is now the star of the episode, pick up the situation even without being able to materially raise the bed; It took me a while’ to decide whether it was funny or not, mostly because I always avid for the couple cheered so Meredith-Riggs, but in the end I decided to promote it. Megan plays an important role for many characters simultaneously, but it is introduced into the storyline in a gentle way and without creating frictions, even with Meredith; no drama from high schoolers hysterics, only maturity and understanding. Obviously the good rating was a bit’ helped by the fact that the same Megan seems to push Nathan in the arms of Meredith: he rushed from his former beloved in an entirely instinctive, but she realised before him that now things have changed, also among them. But, rest, We are only at the beginning of this storyline, and I doubt that is going to be solved so quickly.

Returning to the world of Megan also brings with it another well-known face, to Teddy Altman; I have never been particularly nice but it is clear that now as opposed to Amelia, and if I have to choose between those two I cannot take sides with Teddy (I never would have thought to say a thing). Amelia's fans are already on a war footing, but their darling continues to prove to be a fickle girl (and it does so for a long time); the final confirmation came from Megan and Teddy, that was enough to stay in Seattle for a quarter of an hour to realize how useless and void the marriage of Owen: Finally someone said it!! Thank you!! Meanwhile Owen isn't a particularly brilliant mind interpersonal relations: compare Amelia using wrong words on the face of the Earth and after rushes into the arms of Teddy. Just, for charity, just!! May not be able to choose a right love story? What's wrong with?! Other than technician syndrome, looks like a teenage girl in an adult's body, somebody help! Unfortunately things don't seem to improve in the short term given the final revelation of Amelia: certainly not going to get a divorce now, and who knows what plague will become her, It will be even worse than usual. ’ COS we did wrong to deserve this?!

Finally becomes more bearable situation between Alex and Jo: last year they were a little’ ill-treated by script, but finally seem to have arrived at a turning point; It has always been clear that they wanted to get back together and it seems that now we have arrived. They could have easily make the same decision several episodes ago, She saved us endless nonsensical twists, but now we have to settle. Even now the consistency seems a bit’ fade away: If the overall irony has pervaded immediately even their scenes (adorable Alex's laughter at the news of Jo slept with rookie), Jo was still torn by doubts about possible violent nature of Alex (seriously??), Yet it was enough to tell you that he found Paul (without killing him with her hands) to dispel them all. My girl, make up your mind, you're either confused or not! I'm not complaining over just because I'm glad the epilogue, I very much hope that both the final and they can get to their happy ending.

Suddenly lit up on the road to Damascus also annoying April, After a year you realize that, may be, living with your ex-husband is not a good idea. But it should be?! That insight, April! The fact that there is due to arrive now only having witnessed a slight flirtation between Jackson and Maggie makes it even more ridiculous. This new couple is unlikely as that formed by Meredith and Alex in the alternate future imagined a few seasons ago, But if it serves to revive the sense of Kepner then I'll be fine.

The best part of the episode, but, was no doubt the pair of Brothers Daniel! What are cute in their bickering in Italian?! With this introduction is immediately entered into the list of my favorite characters, and the fact that it replaces the odious Eliza can only play even more in his favor (We are all shippando the cute couple-Arizona, true?!). Nel complesso, a great premiere, light but not empty, that sets the stage for many new without forgetting to take a look at the past: approaching, indeed, the milestone 300th episode, that will be marked by a certain melancholy and is designed as a tribute to longtime supporter, to remember all the times we had together; and already this week, between the return of Teddy, the similarities between Meredith and Ellis, the mention of Cristina and even that of George, the feeling of wanting to pay homage to the most loyal audience is very clear, and for us viewers is truly an honor to be at this point.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – We want more brothers DeLuca!

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