Grey’s Anatomy – 14×03 Go Big or Go Home – Review by S.

After years of meaningless behaviors, impulsive choices, lack of rationality, hysteria and General madness, We have scientific confirmation: Amelia is freaked out and maybe this will finally silenced his obsessed supporters.

Despite assurances by Richard on his professional activities, It is evident that the Amelia has influenced heavily on all his life choices: any criticism that I have moved over the years for his behavior without logic proves absolutely founded (only Owen could think he was of sound mind), and the fact that its decisions were influenced by a huge tumor improves somewhat its position: may be, without the tumor, It would be more lucid. Meanwhile, but, I take off a satisfaction: I was right! The rigmarole choices continue even now, When Amelia does it take a week to inform her husband (and sisters) the fact that it may die, but now even this amazes us; the biggest risk is that in light of recent events Owen justify all evils suffered from Amelia giving blame to the tumor (as if she could not still realize being a little bitch), screwing up all the good work of conviction set up by Megan; certainly will not ask for a divorce right now and after the operation will give you endless last chance, the only hope to end this marriage farce is that you leave it. In the meantime, many thanks for the presence of Greg Germann, guest star of this episode, the only one who can call Amelia at her place and to truncate its annoying moaning.

But let's not forget that the new season is lighter and ironic of previous (let alone if they thought gloomy and dramatic!), and they think the Bailey and Catherine on the occasion of the visit of Mr. Harper-Avery; the short commemoration of odious old man is pure irony Greysiana, as well as the sudden and unexpected dismissal of Bailey, of which fortunately no one will ever know. But also Meredith does its part, managing well its storyline between comical moments and dramatic ones: If on the one hand it is great fun watching her rage with Nathan and complain about him with the psychiatrist, on the other hand it can also sense the sadness when you finally face to face-up cards. Megan does not want to obstruct a love story, but at the same time Meredith cannot accept that Nathan doesn't defend tooth and nail the gift that life gave him. You can't fail to notice how acquired, how much more aware of herself and emotions, even she smiles of his change. This does not mean, in any case, things between her and Riggs cannot be solved so easily: as much as she is immovable by its position, the love triangle was well underway, whether you like it or not; We can't know what happens between Nathan and Megan, but certainly we know that between him and Meredith isn't over yet.

I Brothers Daniel, also available separately, continue to give us hilarious interludes, but I hope that, in due course, is dedicated to Cute a little’ over time and provided some’ more thickness, avoiding to represent it as a fixed with sex: She deserves you, as deserves Arizona. Incredibly, in a landscape of couples have exploded, the only ones who give us some joy sentimental are Alex and Jo: who would've thought?! Magically everything was resolved, everyone is happy and contented, We hope that it lasts but mostly we hope that eventually go beyond: Let's not forget all the problems started because he wanted to marry her, so it is that the key issue to be addressed.

A good outing, touching but not too, where you can see the foundations of some of the storyline of the season: the hope is that they are well developed and not left to drift as has happened to some characters last year.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I told Amelia she was crazy!

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