Grey’s Anatomy – 14×04 Ain’t That a Kick in the Head – Review by S.

Amelia-centric episode, as expected, and just as expected, the tragedy is relatively back; within 45 minutes it turns out the tumor, is the surgeon, you do the operation and the rehabilitation.

I don't think anybody expected that Amelia die and suffer serious consequences from the operation, the seemingly troubling complications post surgery were useful to give a little’ of suspense and create a minimum of tension to make the storyline less obvious. I'm glad the tumor of Amelia has occupied numerous episodes, with its benefit survey of any possible effect on relations between her and her family; solving all in quick time, the series has maintained a balance between emotion and lightness that has always distinguished but should be the main feature of this season. Now we will see l’Amelia post tumor, and, at the same time, she will have to rediscover herself; will have to figure out which parts of it are really part of his personality and which, instead, were determined by the tumor, and it looks interesting; Maybe now is cutest, not everyone has the opportunity to change the perception that others have of themselves! Certainly, the first action of the new Amelia was positive: admitted he acted terribly with Owen, practically begging him to let her, but he remains faithful to its CA syndrome and just can't take it: He likes to just play the role of loving husband and mistreated, So what if the bear. I doubt that even without their tumor is recoverable: had no basis before, let alone now; might only work if they knew each other from boss, like two strangers, and you really addicted, but try to repair the current relationship is really a suicide mission.

The triangle Meredith-Nathan-Megan shows no sign of resolving: the poor man is rejected by both, Although both auditioned for him; for its part, Nathan moves heaven and Earth to Megan, but it always seems a little’ forzato: is there anything that doesn't fit. He must be pretty confusing, and as I blame him? For sure Megan will give him another chance, but I don't think it will last in the long term: If they were meant to be together are not to face all these doubts. Meredith continues to be mature and right in its decisions, but the moment will come when he must take a clearer position and fight for what you want, just like she asked Nathan to do with Megan. Meanwhile might settle for winning a Harper Avery Award, It would be a great satisfaction!

In this regard,, I also liked the reflection that a gesture more or less daily, How to publish an article about an operation carried out, can be extremely significant and dangerous for a victim of domestic abuse. The ran away from her former husband for years, Yet it is not free and you have to wonder if it ever will until he'll be alive: Paul, indeed, still exerts a great power over her. This is an aspect of abusive relationships that is often omitted in favor of the stages with slaps or escape from the monster; but those stories never end so, There are residual effects and repercussions that last years, taking the most unexpected shapes and subtle, but they do just as scary. Anche I Would Be hiding a secret, Although certainly not comparable to Jo; more likely, is what will serve to explain his future absence, Since Jason George will be a series regular in the spin-off devoted to firefighters.

Increasingly embarrassing situation between Jackson & Maggie: Neither openly confronts the palpable tension and, promptly, Catherine makes everything a little’ more disturbing, giving their relationship a certain tinge of incest (no doubt that, actually, had already been raised by fans). For now I would say that there's a lot of chemistry between the two and see them together causes me some discomfort, but their interludes are a very welcome change; definitely go beyond, but it is likely that it will not have much future. Sorry for Maggie, who collects a sentimental failure after another, but with Jackson just don't see, There is little to do; Despite the closer kinship, even Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen seem better matched pair.

We are only on the fourth episode and we already have a protagonist with cancer just had surgery, a love triangle on the brink of explosion and a wedding almost to final crisis: It cannot be said that Shonda take it calmly!

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – I wonder if the Amelia post-tumor will be more sympathetic

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