Grey’s Anatomy – 14×05 Danger Zone – Review by S.

Fourteen seasons airing necessarily ups and downs, moments of brilliance and moments to forget; We had the adrenaline of Meredith that she held a bomb inside the chest of a patient and the futility of Izzie that revived a deer. Ecco, This episode was unnecessary because that buck.

It is not that I am in principle opposed to sudden character good-byes, even Derek's death was completely unexpected and, Despite the tears shed, I recognized sense of the storyline and its demise. Despite tifassi shamelessly for Meredith Riggs I felt sympathy for Megan and I understood a rapprochement between the two soldiers if only there had been a logical basis, a starting point, something rational; invece no, two weeks ago Riggs seemed torn by doubt about the woman he was really in love with, laying the groundwork for a juicy love triangle, and now at any moment quits, buy a Beach House in California and calls himself “Dad” by a child who has known for a quarter of an hour. Like, What??

Beautiful storytelling, beautiful flashbacks to make us better understand a story that actually we had heard the bare minimum, but it is precisely about the past of the two characters to make it even more annoying this finale from Mulino Bianco. Everyone always talked about Megan as if it were the great love by Riggs, as if it were his own “the one”, as if nobody in the world could imagine one without the other; Now we find that up to ten minutes before she was kidnapped he had betrayed, It was so mature to think to remedy with a semi-serious marriage proposal, She betrayed in turn and generally behaved like a whimsical. What's great love?? Where?? But please!! He's right who says if he returned Derek also Meredith would've done the same choice but, aside from the fact that for him this possibility just does not arise, We can now say with full knowledge of the facts that the scenario is completely different. Meredith and Riggs were tied by sharing grief over the loss of their true love, but only Meredith was honest; She and Derek were a true love story, Despite all the flaws and problems they faced there was always that indissoluble bond of base to keep them United States, It was obvious to anyone that they were meant to be together; maybe even for Riggs and Megan would end this way, but they certainly cannot know now! With those bases only a idiot would transfer to live in the House of dreams on the beach, It would be like if Meredith and Derek had married the third season when she was all dark & twisty, would have never lasted because they weren't ready: Nathan and his beloved should solve their problems instead of going directly to the happy ending that much would, and that their caprice It also seems to me offensive of couples who have fought years to understand and build a relationship in the right direction. All speeches by Megan on seizing the moment, forgiving the errors because life is short are noble and definitely valid, but forgive does not mean delete everything and pretend nothing, to be together (all the more reason to create a family with one child already 10 years!!) It takes maturity and seriousness, you have to understand why those mistakes had been committed so that you don't fall into the trap, not just a poetic “"life is too short” to resolve any.

Megan, however you must recognize a merit, one great good deed that partly repays the futility of the whole episode: It is the only one that manages to instill a little’ of reasoning in the hard head of Owen. Says well sister, He thrives on ideas and ideals, is a matter of honour to anything and not on principle would never admit that her marriage is not working. Yet it is so, can no longer deny it, Megan forces him to face the harsh reality: finally, After months of agony, We can say goodbye to Amelia and Owen, the most useless and annoying couple ever. God exists.

An episode that manages to be disappointing despite being set to positive tones, of optimism, hope and faith in the future; does not recover even with the “Thank you” Nathan and Meredith shall exchange, It's too late: storyline throw away from every point of view, and say they were the most promising of the season.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – #BringBackRiggs #TeamMeredith

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