Grey’s Anatomy – 14×06 Come on Down to My Boat, Baby – Review by S.

After the senseless death of Nathan Riggs we are rewarded with an episode that put Meredith in the spotlight and on the pedestal on which deserves to be here until the end of time.

On the one hand Meredith ascending to Olympus of medicine and the other boat adventure for men of Grey Sloan: What more can you ask for? The episodes take place out of hospital are always a blessing, a diversion to lighten the mood and give easily an air of newness to the characters. This climate is often the catalyst for major changes: Here we have the double consciousness of Jackson, He sees clearly the situation between him and Maggie and he can find a utility to money inherited so as to improve their professional life as well as make full of personal comfort; We also have the revelation of Warren, that has upset his life as an anaesthetist for a surgeon and now he turns out to be a fireman… glad he! I understand the need to prepare the ground for participation by Jason George to spin-off, but the announcement seemed a tad reckless.

But that hardly matters, What really matters in this episode is Meredith claiming his leading role; without losing its irony and modesty takes however the merits that are due, Since the publication of the article (complete with cover!) until the Harper Avery Award nomination: It is a pleasure to watch her achieve these goals, especially on the eve of the 300th episode, thing that inevitably takes us back in time, by recalling it when Webber received the new group together trainees in hospital. And history repeats itself, with new young graduates coming and amorous ready to claim victims: This time it's the poor DeLuca, that really on the personal front I okay a; We hope that with this “new ex-girlfriend” have better luck.

There is finally also in progress Alex-Jo: I haven't forgotten the futility of their storyline over the last year, but to see it finally come out of his stupor and confront the situation helps a little’ to forgive what he did suffer the poor Alex. Anything but progress, instead, that accorded to the character of Carina: less and less thickness, less and less personality, painted just like half a nymphomaniac to use as a wildcard to match any single character temporarily; and in the case of Owen, cool separation from Amelia (that, however, still does not want to take any responsibility, giving explicitly blame all his mistakes to the tumor), the only comment is: from the frying pan into the fire.

A preparatory episode next week, where you will celebrate the 300 episodes of the series: nostalgia and the trip on memory lane have already begun, ready to catch any new stories and new characters, in the eternal succession of emotions that has always been Grey’s Anatomy.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – #TeamMeredith now and always!

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