Grey’s Anatomy – 14×07 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story – Review by S.

A beautiful episode for an important milestone, with endless tributes, references, commemoration: to celebrate 300 We really couldn't have asked for more episodes.

The festivities begin already from the first minutes, When we find the original theme song of the series with “Cosy in the rocket” in the background: couldn't this sequence for years, but the memory of the early days of Grey’s is indelibly linked to those images and that music, especially in the minds of fans of the first hour. The party atmosphere and suspense continues when we discover that it is the day of the delivery of the Harper Avery Award, and for tension is mounting for our favorite candidate: an anxiety that not even the World Cup final.

The arrival of fake Cristina, George and Izzie, along with the new class of interns, is the expedient for an endless series of quotations and references to the past: each character, by Alex Bailey, by Webber at Arizona, has the opportunity to reflect on their own (long) path and pay homage to those who, For more or less time, It has somehow been part. The idea of patients similar to the old characters could be forced and implausible, but the light tone (typical of this season), Despite the latent emotion always, made effective and commendable. We pass from the air and always cheerful and bubbly Izzie George incident, by ferry-boat loved by Derek for some jokes repeated exactly as in the pilot: the episode is really full of moments of the last fourteen years, But despite this gaze is always looking to the future.

And the future is all about Meredith, because more than anything else this episode is a tribute to Meredith Grey, explained perfectly by Jackson after the coveted victory of Harper-Avery: MER has faced more pain and loss than anyone else, but never let these events blurred …; It grew dark & twisty since childhood, But despite this has always found its way; along that road he met those who accompany, those who teach to thin out that darkness that shrouded, with the help of all has become what it is today, but the greatest merit goes to itself. Only she could find the strength to transform pain into determination, just inside her was the potential to turn into women and surgeon in which even she perhaps did not dare hope.

The 300th episode celebrates Meredith, together with her, friendship: both what is now League fans to the series, to which the characters are like family, is that between the characters themselves; not surprisingly, the episode ends with Meredith and Alex (and Cristina) in the tunnels of the Grey Sloan Memorial, ends just as it started. A symbol that reminds us how some things are, in background, always the same and, at the same time, how everything changes over time, allowing us to remember with nostalgia but also to face the future strong conquered targets so far.

As a circle which closes, at the peak of his career, Meredith finally makes peace with the figure of Ellis, While his daughter and Derek announces that he wanted to be a brain surgeon; While Meredith, with the entire hospital, celebrates its success, the new trainees prepare to face those who, for us, have so far been the most magical years: get breaks on stretchers in the tunnels, competition, friendships, loves consumed in on-call rooms and endless surprises that the mind of Shonda Rhimes gave. Thank you.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥♥ – 300 times thank you, 300 times #TeamMeredith

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