Grey’s Anatomy – 14×08 "Out of Nowhere" – Review by S.

The blink of an eye and we've arrived at the winter final this season 14: This means that we have before us two months to wait before finding out what will happen after the cliffhanger that ended the episode.

As announced, the episode was a sort of action movies concentrated in 40 minutes: hacker, FBI, Hospital in disarray and the inevitable heartbreaking case of the week were perfect elements of this final; If we add the breath of fresh air flow rates (under all fronts) by new trainees and the subtle irony always present, It really seemed a throwback to the old episodes, those that have become legend in the history of the series (see the bomb into the patient's abdomen, just to mention one).

The adrenaline has remained high all the time, but between a crisis and the other authors have nevertheless continued to manage the various storyline, they made small steps forward (huge, in other cases), so as not to dull the resumption of narration in January. On the one hand, We Carina and Arizona, that apparently are destined to meet again after the hiccup of Owen (This poor man will ever find a woman that you love him?), and for once we saw the new Daniel do something other than go to bed with anyone. Progress for Maggie Jackson, who juggle on the thin line of incest and that obviously will have to overcome; I can't tell if it's going to be a short or long term, certainly it will be fun to watch the reaction of April (but he deserves a diversion you too!).

The main novelty, but, This time concerns The: the decision to confront her past could not remain without consequences, and these aren't just made to wait. With hackers who controlled patient records, alternative medical techniques and children who were at risk of dying, attention was focused on the ongoing crisis and, in particular, on Alex's decision about how to treat the child; It was the equivalent of the yellow wire or thread that Keanu Reeves had to cut Speed, those things that keep us in suspense until the last second. And this was the masterstroke: at a time when nobody thought of anything but the child medicine, Insert another Cliffhanger outside, disconnected from ongoing plot but that with this interfering. Surprised to see it appear Paul when Jo exits the elevator was exceeded only by anxiety conveyed by her smile and the threat hidden in a seemingly innocent phrase. Never in life I would have thought to consider disturbing Matthew Morrison, yet Shonda has managed even in this! Left us in suspense, with more than understandable stun Jo, wondering what will happen: will always succeed to arrive in time to save the child? And aside from the immediate reaction, What will happen next? I am very happy that the threat of violent ex-husband has finally become real, I can't wait to see how it will develop the storyline: If the handle well, I'm willing to forgive Jo all past mistakes.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Classic Grey's Anatomy!!

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