Grey’s Anatomy – 14×09 1-800-799-7233 – Review by S.

Two months have never been so long: at winter breaks tv series we are accustomed, but when they leave us with a cliffhanger so successful is really difficult to endure the wait.

A special episode under different points of view, starting right from the title: a characteristic of Grey’s, unchanged since the pilot (and not cheap), is to give episodes titles of songs, but the tradition has just been interrupted by replacing the song originally planned by the number of the help line for women victims of violence. A noble idea (had, moreover, by Giacomo Gianniotti), that underscores the importance of the subject matter this week.

The abusive husband of Jo is part of our imagination now for a while’ of time and these two months have served to instill in our minds the anxiety which conveyed his smile in the final winter; What now, with an entire episode available, Matthew Morrison confirmed initial suspicions, proving as fine as can be devious a perfect appearance, reminding us at every scene that nothing is as it seems and that violence lurks in even the most unthinkable relations. The authors also described perfectly the mechanism that triggers in the relationships between oppressed and oppressor: Paul is not simply a bad person, one who goes around telling nonsense and slaps his wife in the evening, one of those that if you meet on the street you'd rather turn away; the reality is much more complex, more hidden, full of shades of gray, She's doing it on purpose. Paul is charming and gracious, a good doctor and an educated person, and the things he tells Jo are not technically of falsehood; It would be too easy to insult and belittle her in the eyes of others saying “cheated on me dozens of times with everyone he met” or some other nonsense that no one would believe, He brings true events (the difficult past of Jo, the period in which he lived in the car, the fear of being abandoned), but manipulates them by creating his own version of the truth, all the more dangerous as difficult to distinguish from the original version. And in fact, Jo is terrified, not so much the risk he put his hands on me in the hospital, but from what he tells her and her past: He's afraid his friends, his colleagues and his family believe, because you don't know how Paul is adept at lying.

More about the episode is that of having described the Network help one cannot help but to save themselves from these situations: Alex and Meredith remained alongside Jo as soldiers to defend their Queen, immovable in their positions, absolutely indifferent to allegations by Paul. It is important to have at least one person you can count on in this way, but the risk that the words of Paul hit the mark is very high, simply spread the word among newly arrived trainees or between nurses who don't know Jo. And it is a problem not because they're annoying gossip, but because this is also a form of control, of manipulation, of persistent threat to life and security of Jo. On the other hand she, how scared and angry, Finally manages to find his voice and telling Paul what he thinks of him: There will be sentences that will change your life, but it's for you is a huge sign of rebellion and Liberation (He knows well, and in fact go back more menacing than before).

For a perfect design of fate, the episode aired right around the time of the movement "Time's Up", protests at the Golden Globes and the Women's March: In short, a general historical period which raises more attention to women's issues in 360 degrees, equal salary to career opportunities, the choices on your body to the fight against violence in all its forms.

And since Grey’s is always a step further, Another important topic is delicate has been addressed: We have indeed made the acquaintance of the new intern Casey Parker, first transgender character della serie (played by actor Alex trans Blue Davis); for the scene in which reveals the Bailey to be a “proud trans man” the authors have consulted with representatives and spokesperson of the LGBTQ community and the showrunner Krista Vernoff said they had rewritten that scene more times than any other, to ensure that the result was absolutely perfect and redeem the character (his medical history is revealed only at the end of the episode, until we started to know and appreciate for its character and its capabilities).

Couldn't have asked for more from this episode, that pays off well beyond our expectation the long awaited winter; the only doubts concern Maggie Jackson: the satisfaction of annoy April has already given way to disgust for a semi-incestuous relationship, Luckily he arrived the man of Tinder to the rescue in time! I have yet to take a position on Sam and Daniel: I can't tell if you're funny or whether it is extremely irritating, a thinner border than I thought.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – In my opinion was the new girlfriend to invest Paul

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