Grey’s Anatomy – 14×10 "Personal Jesus" – Review by S.

When you seem to be having a bad day think that of April Kepner in this episode: all your problems will be put back into perspective.

When we thought that everything was still focused on Jo and domestic violence, Here's that Grey’s wastes no time and put two other equally important themes in one episode: We, in parallel, the crisis of faith by April and police American racism toward black guys. For some might be too many irons in the fire, too much haste in moving from one topic to another, but not for Grey’s Anatomy: with the usual skill different storylines are interwoven seamlessly with each other, sometimes overlapping at times moving away, alternating serious moments and moving moments of lightness, with the result of painting a beautiful picture of society (American and not only) current, the difficulties that people of faith can meet in their path and on the doubts that, more generally, arise for everyone at particular times in their life.

The story of Jo and Paul gives us a sense of closure, purtroppo, many victims of violence will never experience; a tragedy that ends with a ray of hope (even without the satisfaction of humiliating Paul in court), reminding us that even the darkest moments you can be born again, You can find a reason to start afresh. The girlfriend of Paul perfectly describes the mechanism by which she and many others were victims: your circle of knowledge is getting smaller, but for every person he makes you give up (by passing it to your idea) There is a reason that seems valuable (that colleague treats you badly, that friend is a bad influence, all those who do not approve your choices they don't deserve you); at the same time, the husband/boyfriend destroys your self esteem, so slow and almost imperceptible, as the final dig the rock, and at the end you find yourself alone, convinced of being the first independent woman when in fact you are a puppet in his hands. A quote from Jenny is very significant: “When he started hitting me it was just barely in surprise“, because at that point you're so convinced that he is the depository of absolute truth that, If he hits you, certainly not a kind gesture though evidently did you provoke him. And later think about the good times, at all times that he helped her and made her feel loved, and where else can you go without him? Then justify it, forgive him and continue to suffer. I personally know at least a few girls living in symbiosis with her husband, hardly were allowed to exist outside of him, and they are really convinced that everything is absolutely normal. As it was Jenny before we hear the words of Jo, before figuring out you can ask for help: that is why it is important to keep listening, always stretch a hand, If you suspect that someone is in a situation like that maybe you can't do much by themselves, but just being there, for them, It is important to.

Returning to April, instead, the poor doctor is in a strange moment in life and realize it with a series of concatenated events, one behind the other, in a day. Losing a patient is never easy, lose two, one boy is dead because of a racist COP and could have your ex-husband 20 years ago, It's even worse. Even this would be enough to put a strain on anyone's faith in God, but so far, April, that has also been in war zones, had managed to find a way, an explanation to the bad things in the world, and religion for her was not a burden but a driving force, extra motivation. But enough is enough, and in this case unleash Matthew, the former boyfriend abandoned at the altar; April helps his wife to give birth, with the right amount of fun embarrassment, and the guilt of Kepner for what he did to Matthew are partially offset by the thought that even that disappointment has led to the present wife, the love of his life. However, the death of this poor thing collapses the last April's certainties, to reflect on his life and his choices: ran away with Jackson but before they lost Samuel and after they broke up, What would have happened if he hadn't chosen him? Wouldn't really change the past, Moreover Jackson gave Harriett, but it is inevitable that this question. He will have made the right choice? He always thought that all the pain, all the negative things were nevertheless transformed by God into something good, but now, suddenly, no longer sees this schema, you feel abandoned and betrayed. In such a delicate moment May lose its landmarks and seems to lose all faith in his God: in the final scenes, in the bar and in the shower with the new intern, is the very image of resignation. From my point of view atheist, I find it still very nice choice of authors to touch this topic; faith is a very important aspect of life for so many people, and in the past we were shown (with April) as science and religion could coexist. But what happens when there are any doubts concerning their faith? How to find or how to decide to abandon it? Are questions that all, at some point, arise (at least the faithful with a minimum of common sense and not those who swear to anything being said, without a minimum of critical thinking). It is the beginning of a new path for April and I'm very curious to see how this will end.

A mention is a must even for the Bailey, protagonist of a scene full of sadness, telling in a few minutes the injustice that still suffer black people just for being such; While on the one hand we celebrate Miranda, female, black and Chief of surgery, at the same time his son is still forced to learn how to defend themselves from the police and fear of getting killed by a simple misunderstanding.

An episode really beautiful, perfectly calibrated in scenes, in dialogues and themes; fourteen seasons and still be at the apex of its narrative ability is really a great achievement.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Thank you, Shonda

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