Grey’s Anatomy – 14×11 (Don't Fear) The Reaper – Review by S.

After domestic violence, transsexual doctor, the cops are racist and religious crisis Shonda Rhimes could take a short break from traumatic events, instead decided to keep the tension high with an episode all about Bailey, victim of a heart attack.

Obviously, as is always the case, the event itself (in this case, the heart attack) is a pretext for addressing wider themes and deepen the sides of the character tends to be less known. And actually Miranda Bailey he deserved this episode: one of the last four original cast members, by fourteen years of service to fans, a mainstay of the series and a staple of the universe Greysiano, No one more than she would have been entitled to these 40 minutes in the spotlight. Also because, considering how multifaceted Shondaland all chars, It is normal, After all this time, There are still unexplored sides and things to see; This is the case, precisely, the childhood of Miranda, of his relationship with his mother and his battles in the world of medicine as a woman and, above, as a woman of color.

From the perspective of the narrative of infarct, We wouldn't have expected anything different: the Bailey March entered the Seattle Pres and orders doctors to what tests ascertained; But even here, even in the apparently less reflexive, the dialogues between doctor and patient are used as sharp weapons with which to destroy, one by one, all the prejudices against women struggle every day: you're just nervous, You can't handle your emotions, your husband doesn't close, you have an obsession, It's just a mental disorder and so on, ad infinitum, until Weirs on the ground and, at that point, finally come taken seriously.

Flashbacks offer us, instead, a window on the growth of Miranda, from infancy to leaving for college (the same as Hillary Rodham Clinton!); the relationship with his mother, very protective because of the loss of the first daughter and the years they lived, is unfortunately some similarity in the relationship now between Miranda and Tuck, especially if we think of the speech of two episodes ago on risk of being killed by police, infinitely greater than that of white boy friends. And thanks to an education partly driven by fear, Miranda grows bold and proud: not afraid of anything, especially not afraid of falling and getting up with his forces; and already when you are admitted to college or when is ready to go in that girl those traits that make a successful surgeon, It will arrive there where, forty years before, No one would have even imagined feeling.

Miranda is a quiet little girl, Scholar, but in her quiet is determined and adamant in their decisions taken: It is the symbol of those revolutionary changes taking place without fanfare but with constancy, with patience (like Maggie who don't are away from school or work from fourth grade); those changes that, When they happen, seem natural and obvious, but conceal a war goes against expectations, prejudices and barriers. Miranda Bailey, one by one, destroy those barriers, and now we have the proof that even a heart attack comes between you and your goals.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥♥ – Miranda Bailey for president

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