Grey’s Anatomy – 14×12 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Review by S.

After weeks in top form was inevitable, at some point, a drop in quality; and in fact this episode you save only for moments of irony (especially those between Jackson and his mother), but overall we can say without hesitation that they were 40 minutes rather unnecessary.

An episode in which nothing happens but, Unlike other similar, not even a diversion to distract viewers and mask a little’ the emptiness of content; doesn't even help the annoying patient protagonist the heartbreaking case of the moment: We should cheer her on and revolutionary care of Amelia, but that little girl is so irritating that you almost hope the worst endings. Because he has to sing continuously? Is it really necessary to? Plus she sings during the brain surgery that a Disney Princess while wearing the dress for the Grand Ball! Just, for charity, make it stop!

What should be the main theme of the episode, the great contest directed by April, fails to keep alive our attention: We have become so accustomed to witness such momentous actions that now nothing surprises us anymore, the only difference is made by the characters themselves: for example, the decision to Jo to use (also) his real name for the publication, or the storyline of Dr. transsexual (portrayed by transgender actress Candis Cayne), also inspired by true events, the pearls of wisdom to Webber or even the funny misunderstandings between Bailey and Glasses (and here you see the ability to Chandra Wilson, conquering the screen even while always sitting in bed and with a few minutes of screen time).

Further negative element are the DeLuca brothers: Carina continues to be dashed so far (troppo) superficial, unnecessary dialogues has and does not combine anything good or interesting if not trying to bed Arizona; with these bases is really hard to root for the couple, also wanting to go so far as to consider it such. Andrew, for its part, was one of my favorites since his arrival, but everything is precipitated by adding to the picture of Sam, the former girlfriend; After a few days of doubt I can definitely declare not to endure it, and i teatrini between her and Andrew are more annoying than those between Jackson and Maggie. What did we do wrong to deserve these two? I understand that there should be new relations but this back and forth is not working, There impassioned, doesn't make them funny and get the opposite result as hoped. I very much hope that Shonda plays the cry of pain of his fans and remedy to this grungy storyline.

What about, After this episode Grey's takes another break of three weeks, and maybe it's better this way; We will forget the disappointment and start over with new confidence for the final sprint of this fourteenth season.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – We can cheer for cancer by Kimmie?

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