Grey’s Anatomy – 14×13 You Really Got a Hold on Me – Review by S.

Week of crossover in which, between all sets of Shondaland, Grey’s Anatomy is the one that has benefited less storyline and characters from crossing worlds usually separated.

In fact, While on the one hand for Murder and Scandal There was an important episode that saw the two worlds collide in both bets, on the other hand Grey’s It is served only by the shoulder to the introduction of the characters Station 19 (one of which we already known, among other). We admired Ben Warren in his new uniform, We soothed her anxieties from first day of new job, There was nice Andy Herrera and basically nothing else happened.

It is not good that the only storyline to distract us by firefighters was to Kimmie, the patient of Amelia and Alex; excluding the latter, indeed, It would have been difficult to put together a group of people more annoying: Amelia is, well, Amelia, Sam Bello confirmed his hysterical nature, deteriorated further in the presence of Koracic, and Koracic is absolutely unbearable, but not that unbearable that I'm glad, just that unbearable for which you'd like to see him run over by a speeding train and forget forever that you have interacted with him.

In this context, It was very difficult to maintain concentration for 40 minutes, and the situation has worsened with the arrival of April: If the banter between her and Jackson could be fun (and in fact he should mind her own business and not worry about the private life of the former wife), She has managed to move from right to wrong in a nano second with that pathetic final scene, getting drunk with people ten years younger than she is as a freshman in college. Embarrassing to say the least.

An episode entirely dispensable, that has frustrated waiting for three weeks due to the Winter Olympics and, Unlike other times, does not even compensate for the lack of content with jokes and lackluster dialogue. We just have to hope for the best for next week, We hope they take finally form the storyline worthy of the name ahead of the season finale.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ – Also no

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