Grey’s Anatomy – 14×14 Games People Play – Review by S.

It is not a good time for Grey’s Anatomy: Despite some successful isolated episode, you feel the lack of an overall plot, a common thread that gives meaning to the season.

Missing just over two months to the final and is still hard to say where this season will want to go there; It is normal that there are periods of quiet or even tired, but usually distract us with witty dialogues or some’ of irony, Here we have only a series of bad choices and little exciting events. The context is made even more complicated by the time this episode aired: a few hours before transmission, indeed, was given the news that Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will no longer part of the cast from next season. Dopo, respectively, ten and nine years on the show, is news hard for everyone to metabolize, also for the direct interested because, apparently, the choice was taken from Shonda and her theme for “Creative reason”, not because the two actresses had decided to turn the page. In light of this change, It is even more worrying is the absence of consistent storyline: as is explained their farewell? Will be the farewell they deserve or something written in haste, they will not give satisfaction to them or to the fans? April is at the stage of faith and existential crisis, a theme very promising initially but now it just makes it annoying and verging on ridicule; I was hoping it was deepened better, but at least it might give some sense to the decision, for example, relocating to Seattle or to return to the army (or even die, as actually in Seattle doesn't happen for a while). The situation even more difficult for Arizona, that no longer really had nothing to say after the departure of Callie: a character quite sacrificed in recent years, It deserves something more for her latest episodes (definitely more of this nonsense with Carina).

Don't even get me to comment on the situation of Jackson & Maggie because every cell in my body rebels against what I just saw: the patient of the week is the only person on Earth to feel the “vibes” between those two, and if even marriage with April was irrecoverable don't see why squeezed in to poor Jackson this ridiculous report. Everything between them is forced and unnatural, the kissing scene makes sense only because anyone ahead of Jackson who says those things would capitulate, but this still creates no chemistry between him and Maggie. It is not just the matter of almost-kinship, is simply one of those couples maybe perfect on paper but that, in practice, just do not work, Despite the efforts of the authors to send pleasure (I think even the improvised sex between Amelia and Owen-Doormat makes more sense).

The one who saves a little’ the episode from disaster is, Ironically, a character dead and not even see: Ellis Grey. His presence, even indirect, instantly makes an interesting storyline of Meredith (that even before he was perhaps the only thing to save this episode from the most complete disaster). The twist in the past by Mary Case gives us the perfect excuse to investigate some more’ on the life of the young Ellis, and we all know that when it comes to you, our Mer-Mer gives her best.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – I refuse to accept a world where Nathan Riggs let Meredith and now Maggie's with Jackson

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