Grey's Anatomy 14×15 – Old Scars, Future Hearts – Review by S.

Broken hearts, wounded hearts, hearts that suffer but they learn to cope with grief and open up to new loves: a subject matter in a thousand different sauces for a thousand different series, but also a pillar of the narration of Grey’s Anatomy in the course of his fourteen (For now) seasons.

Is this topic, so trivial as always current, to revive at least in part by the development of the series after several consecutive episodes really unnecessary; just add the use of flashback, art in which Grey's always excels, and for this week we're doing a little’ meglio: something actually interesting, of the characters make progress, other we investigate the past. Absolutely managed, in particular, the flashback sequences in Jo and Alex: She has been well described although quickly the feeling of not belonging, coming from an inner discomfort, and him we could finally see that side of child forced to grow up too fast, forced to wear a suit of armor to protect its sensitivity by a life too unfair. Even in this, the two characters have finally emerged from the standoff in which they found themselves now for over a year without a clear reason; their epilogue it had always been this was never in doubt, but lately the road had become very winding, with three steps forward, one step back, carried out illogical and lost time. But finally it has remedied all: under the guise of patient (more annoying than Kimmie) to his first love and the concomitant ability to pursue a career elsewhere, Jo realized he had found his home (the Barden), Alex has realized that luckily she isn't like that unloved by Izzie and all the pieces of the puzzle are stuck.

Another element that works well, as in last week's episode, It is the story of Meredith and Maria Cerone: This is a tad annoying and whiny for my taste, I understand the anger at the alleged wrong suffered by Ellis but his claims are not neither in Heaven nor on Earth, cannot claim to come from nothing to destroy the reputation of a person that you can't defend, e soprattutto, If it's as good as he says, can get a move on and do something instead of always waiting for the ideas of others. Indirect presence of Ellis is what makes this interesting storyline, because at the bottom of the base of the series there is the complicated relationship between Meredith and his mother, the influence that one had on the lives of the other, find new life in this texture after 15 years is a really admirable.

Deserve attention April Koracic: the crisis of faith of her, very good condition for a intimate and serious storyline, had heretofore been addressed in a very immature and close to hysteria; the situation is slightly improved, incredibly, with the presence of Koracic, suddenly turned from speck in human (also making better use of actor Greg Germann); the two are joined by a great pain and the resulting hatred of a God from which they feel betrayed, and finally April has managed to express it rather than just drinking alcohol with trainees; I'm not saying that it can't have that kind of reaction, though the central point was this, admitting the anger and disappointment, It's about time we got. It is also clear that the crisis will get worse until you reach a point of no return, that will serve to justify the farewell to Sarah Drew: Hopefully the authors make good use of these latest episodes. I do not intend to deign to no attention, instead, first love Maggie let alone the current one: every scene with her and Jackson together negativissima confirms the opinion that I have always expressed, only in extreme circumstances I might change my mind (but I'm not entirely sure).

I hope that this episode will mark the beginning of the ascent and not a lucky coincidence in the darkness of the empty narrative of recent times: fingers crossed for the forthcoming TGIT.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥½ – What is tender Alex who rushes to look for the ring just understand where Jo is going with this?! “Hell yes!” #TeamAlex

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