Grey’s Anatomy – 14×16 "Caught Somewhere in Time – Review by S.

Other week, another episode from fail across the Board for Grey’s Anatomy; This 14th season, started with the best conditions, are really drifting, and I believe that only a radical intervention can save the series for the future.

The storyline Jackson & Maggie it worsens eye episode after episode; We didn't like when it was just a breezy chance, We didn't like the first kiss and we like it even less now that they mate in hospital closets. Even the dialogues are annoying, There is nothing to do, is a dead end alley, someone gets us out of this car in high-speed direct towards a cliff. Even the comparison between Jackson and his mother, anxious to protect her marriage to Richard, Save somehow the situation; in another context would have been something tender, so much for the mother and the son, but in this case it is, like everything else, an event thrown there by chance, without rhyme or reason, because the underlying problem is that this story does not work and I challenge anyone to find a fan that you are passionate.

This time it has saved us even Ellis, because she and Meredith have been relegated to a corner of the episode and then also the only interesting thing has failed; I should note that, After fourteen years, even in the absence of a love interest or a particular patient, Meredith is still the only one with something to say; Maybe give her more space, do not? It is true that the cast is very vast and that for authors you must devote time to all characters, alternating the storyline, But if all those proposals do not work maybe you should consider a change of direction. For example,, We could delete Pretty, remained a speck from the first episode, as well as the useless relationship between Andrew and Sam Nice, of which it is already hard to remember the name; This is worth a little’ for all interns, or you give them plenty of space with something worthwhile, How was such as to Jo and Stephanie, or say goodbye to everyone and bring new life to cast.

Not even the story of comment Amelia e Owen: the epilogue is to be expected of any romantic comedy about friends/ex having sex without commitment, the excuse of Amelia to justify anything with the tumor has already tired and it's a trick really ridiculous for affibbiarle all of a sudden a whole new personality; Owen is the usual puppet in the hands of the woman on duty, I'm almost afraid to know how will this sudden declaration of love to Teddy: one of those things you know that need to happen for years but, When they finally arrive, accomplice to the time and manner just guessed, do nothing but ruin what at least he used to be a precarious balance though.

This episode doesn't save literally nothing, Even Arizona with that child annoying that appears only to say he wants to go back to Seattle or move to New York; the crisis of faith April, subject potentially beautiful, It has been represented so childish, Teen tops, I really expected more; I'm glad to have seen it crumble at the end, because at least this marks (may be) the lowest point and the beginning of the reaction; hoping that, at least this stage, to be handled in a more mature.

I haven't even watched the trailer for the next episode to not hurt me for free, I don't think I'm coming to this level even in those who everyone remembers as the darkest moments of Grey’s Anatomy (type Izzie who had sex-ghost).

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ – No comment

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