Grey’s Anatomy – 14×17 One Day Like This – Review by S.

Slow improvements in this episode, and given the overall situation could also be a fluke; or, missing very little now to the final, the authors are really trying to start the storyline in the right direction.

Let's start from the worst: Owen (and the poor Teddy); This time she didn't really blame, If ever it is he who has become more imbecile than usual. Dr. Altman is right across the Board, Owen is very good in large theatrical gestures and romantic but in practice, When it comes to real life, He's just a kid looking for someone to save, so that we can play the role of the martyr. Professional army the deformation is a tad ran away and I am so glad Teddy he sent back the way you came: Despite not having never found it funny, that's not the way to declare your love, like it's the last facings. But as he came to mind? I really don't see any way out for this character, It seems to work only in dramatic moments, When must overcome traumatic memories with fellow on duty or when the wife is going to die, for the rest the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old. At this point the only solution is that you spend just to work and to put aside any romantic aspiration until the arrival of new characters, given that it has now done scorched earth around (even if, throw it there, is there someone you seem more awake: April; you think it is a crazy idea?).

Really very slight improvements also in terms of the existential crisis of April: the Rabbi's death scene was poignant as well as see her finally surrender to the weight of his pain, Let go to tears and accept the reality of everything that happened. A po’ less satisfying was the conclusion reached by: you have to have faith even when things go wrong, There's no guarantee that following the dictates of thy God all is for the best. But it should be? This should not be quite the premise from which every believer part? This is a lesson that May should have already internalized a long time, but not because it had more hard times in the past, You should know already just by being a believer; should be just this conviction which helped her to reconcile faith and work for all these years, We must believe that if it were only temporarily forgotten? If that were the case it would be, allora, confirmation that his behavior was just the whim of selfish immature. I would rather see you unravel this dogma, analyze its relationship with faith in the light of the challenges faced, but I'll settle for anything to see her get out of this ridiculous self-destructive tunnel.

Finally, There is Meredith, one who even with a scramble halfway manage to hold up the whole show on his shoulders. This week he received particular attention due to the presence of Nick (Scott Speedman, Animal Kingdom), fascinating surgeon that Meredith saves lives. Between the two are immediately confidences (also relatively intimate) and sparks, as Meredith herself admits he does try something I hadn't tried after Derek (CC Riggs). It is not yet known if Nick is bound to have a role in the life of Meredith, which, moreover, has already declared its interest, or if it is served only by propellant, to remind Meredith who can still look for love (but look elsewhere); the mystery, thickened by the fact that the fate of the character Speedman in Animal Kingdom is still pending, makes the story more interesting (It is no coincidence that neither a number nor the other gives official confirmation about it), but the real masterstroke in this case was the quote of the pilot. In difficult times, When authors are groping in the dark, There is a safe in Grey's move, a move that guarantees the immediate emotional effect: the return to the origins. And in fact, If seeing Meredith slowly open with Nick, tell hidden sides of himself, It was sweet and (finally) exciting, the real load to ninety was the scene at the bar between her and Alex. “"I'm just a girl in a bar“, and it's immediately waves of memories, rivers of overwhelming emotions; Although it is painful to remember what was with Derek, and will never go back, It's still nice to see Meredith reopen the door to a possibility that, After Riggs, It looked completely abandoned. And the final scene, that flashback that she turns to the bar, at the same time it breaks my heart and makes me smile, because it reminds me of that girl, where it all began, is still there.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Not surprisingly, the episode is good when not seen Jackson & Maggie

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