Grey’s Anatomy – 14×18 "Hold Back The River – Review by S.

Restoring neuronal functions of April it definitely helps to maintain the quality of the episode at the level of sufficiency but, other than that, hard to find something interesting to say.

The Kepner become aware of how hateful and apologized to each of the poor things who had the misfortune to meet her in recent months; make peace even with Jackson, After the gutted (not tender but disgusted) scene in the closet, and we are all happy; It would have been nice if you had articulated any of these thoughts on ex-husband and about God before now, providing us with other material in addition to a scene of a young girl hysterical, ma non possiamo pretendere troppo.

The operation of Amelia Koracick is a success but I still can't figure out who care about each other; probably only to Alex who wants to save the poor Kimmie, But even she is so unpleasant that I don't know if the affection of Karev will be enough to make me endure much longer; scientific achievements for Meredith, that may be required at least deserved a rematch with that witch of Greasepaint, but the only merit of the episode goes to Webber and his sponsors. The storyline was not particularly engaging or touching, but dialogue between him and Maggie about how to accept the death of parents (or, in any case, a figure of reference) It was very nice, very real, one of the typical reflections of Grey's where everyone can meet and which everybody can choose to apply in one's life.

There have been many complaints about the decision to cut the scenes of engagement party between Jo and Alex; are one of the few people to try harder unsympathetic to Jo, but I don't feel particularly hurt by this lack; certainly wouldn't have changed the fortunes of the episode and the fact it was present Kimmie doesn't help. It is not said that it will not be inserted later, so fans of Jolex can keep on hoping.

There's really nothing else to say, I realize you wrote over a summary than a review but it's pretty hard to find something to analyse and comment; as I feared, last week's good intentions were such, stranded in the world of ideas, and we had to put up yet another filler episode, including pure jealousy for Maggie to April: but that really? Sooner or later will end this suffering?

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – I wonder if Arizona will never have a storyline or simply disappear into thin air

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