Grey’s Anatomy – 14×19 Beautiful Dreamer – Review by S.

I tried to watch the episode just because I write the review, but my good will was not at all rewarded.

The plot itself wasn't bad either, too bad it's been entirely dedicated to one of the least interesting characters ever, not really don't give anything to anyone, What is even more serious if we consider that lack a few weeks at season finale. Was it really necessary to focus for 40 minutes on Sam Bello? But who is? Those who know her? Who cares about anything of the story between her and Andrew? Seemed to be perhaps tormented love, Instead we were never told anything about their past and, sincerely, Maybe it's a good: What we saw of their present was more than enough to make them hateful to anyone. I would not have minded seeing her deported, as long as we release of his presence: in El Salvador, in Switzerland, where you want, at least you got taken away.

It is worth pointing out that this unknown, that could have been unceremoniously vanish between one season and the other to go to shoot the remake of Roswell, We had to devote a whole episode, While Arizona, He has been with us for ten years, has no storyline worthy of being called such. Don't even get me to talk about her and Carina: trying to make her new big love story of the series has failed miserably, un po’ for the level of dislike of Carina, and a little’ also because we have seen them together perhaps a quarter of an hour in six months, with the result that these sudden declarations of love seem to throw there at random and devoid of any basis; impossible to take them seriously. The situation worsens further if we wish to consider the situation of research on mortality during childbirth, that Arizona has so much passionate: lovely idea, for charity, too bad that even that has had one screentime among 10 and the 15 minutes in total and that, above, the problem has been miraculously resolved by a cart. But that really? That stroke of genius is? It would be a revolution in the field of gynaecology? But please! Equally baseless air is what looks like a rapprochement between April and Matthew, on which I only say one thing: also no.

Ciliegina sulla torta, the relationship between Maggie Jackson that misses out on break; on the contrary, to get us further harm, We see them cling and mating more often. With these two I'm really reaching the maximum endurance, even their dialogues make sense. I hope next week Jackson's less focused on her and more on the casino that seems to have caused in the Foundation: yet another incident threw into the mix just to occupy the time of an episode, but so is.

This season, Despite some initial good sign, is now gone completely all fray, and the situation appears increasingly irretrievable. Now I get peace of mind and hope that the summer break bring advice to authors, so they find any good idea at least for the 15th season.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ – What a bummer

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