Grey’s Anatomy – 14×20 Judgment Day – Review by S.

This week's review comes a little’ later than usual, in part I can blame it on the deck of the 25 April, but it's partly the fault of the umpteenth episode that we could easily forget.To tell the truth, the episode this week, Although useless, was at least funny; physicians dominie from biscuits to marijuana is more bearable than when they are at the height of their physical and mental faculties (at least recently), and the mention of honour definitely goes to Alex in munchies that tries to take care of a child.

Ciò detto, There is absolutely nothing worth being remembered, If not for the scandal that hit the Avery Foundation. The topic is certainly very topical, and I loved the location of Catherine, I refuse to feel guilty about what she did thirty years ago: He knows it's wrong, but he also knows that it was a different world, that today would choose another route and that, above, at the time he had the same voice as now. It will be interesting to witness the domino effect that would result from burning revelations, the rest is the collapse of one of the cornerstones of the world Grey's are, In addition to a subject very dear to the authors. I'm glad that the theme is presented directly involving one of the hubs of the series, and not simply affibbiandolo to some outside shape easily identifiable as the dangerous enemy: Like this, by placing the bad circle we love and we know, it best describes the complex tangle of feelings and relationships that often accompany cases of harassment (at work or in the family who are). It all depends on how the storyline will be developed: the fact you're missing a few weeks into the finale and the general trend of the season doesn't bode very well, but it never said the last word.

I don't even know how to comment, instead, the novelty in everyday life Owen: hostage to a vicious cycle of stories are wrong and unrequited desires, There was really no way out for him, at least in the absence of a woman who finally wanted out of life the same way he wants. To resolve the impasse, within half a day becomes the custodial parent of a newborn… too unrealistic even for Grey’s, but let's forget about it. This change of course might also be positive for character development, for too long, stuck in his own mistakes; I just hope the baby doesn't wake up the maternal instinct of Amelia right now that we have ascertained that between you and Owen there has never been anything serious.

Still not received the storyline for April and Arizona (This last I'll have probably to do with the announced return of Geena Davis as Nicole Herman, definitely better than hear you blabbing on a never seen big love with Carina), but now there is little to do but turn to prayers to the gods of television, waiting for the final.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – I can not to be sorry for Marie Cerone

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