Grey’s Anatomy – 14×21 "Bad Reputation" – Review by S.

There's a storyline that takes shape and looks even vaguely interesting: It would be great news were it not that the season is literally on its last legs, but rather than seeing other existential crisis of April I'll settle for this.

The Avery Foundation is in trouble, with a topic more relevant than ever, Although lately there's one every week and you are likely to lead to the advertising; was nevertheless appreciable idea of Meredith and Jackson for salvage, and the contrast between the two just harassment scandal and the difficulty of managing a similar situation for all parties involved: We know that Jackson is a good person and would never have tolerated (or endorsed) behaviors of a maniac as Grandpa, on the other hand, just because he's a good person know that his concern for the Foundation is not just about bad publicity, but also all the people who would lose their jobs in each of the seventy-two hospitals involved. There is a painless way to get out of this tangle, the only way is reconstructing but, as pointed out by Meredith, “You n rebuild? You have to tear it down first“.

The nurse syphilis was a throwback, which usually works, but I must say I found it annoying how exactly a decade ago; There was not even an entertaining doubts about the paternity of the child, so I would say that his presence was absolutely useless (We certainly need your comments to understand that Alex has matured over time, nor need Jo, that was very diplomatic, Since in his place I would have resorted to violence at least verbal). I would rather be able to afford the luxury of Alex not to check the account for one year, whereupon the question arises: But how much they earn?? The advantage of being of normal people like me, They scrutinize your account balance almost quotidianiamente hoping to make it grow, is that we would know right away if the checks were not cashed out for months. Instead Alex no, He realizes now and it is legitimate that it feels like a little’ sucks: send money but a phone call to know how he is no, eh?

And for the series “random things”, We can't forget Amelia ed Owen: as the ring you up from nothing a child's ploy to him, also to make do by sponsor her to a little girl just strange, to look good, a sense. It's still an idea fell from the sky with no context, but at least it gives a forward thrust to the evolution of the character: Let's face it, Amelia is equal to itself for years, I miss the tumor changed a minimum things. I do not approve of the infamous decision to live all home of Owen as a dysfunctional family, but at least we'll have something new to see in the next season.

Comment not even the worst couple ever, that of Maggie Jackson: I had to give reason for April in the comparison between the two, which says a lot about the level of idiocy (and knowledge of her boyfriend) Dr. Pierce: Please, Let them leave during the summer break unceremoniously. More and more ridiculous Arizona and Carina: last week the Robbins was all “I'm afraid of losing you” and now suddenly realizes that perhaps maybe do not share the same vision of life… ma va?? Ah, sì, There's also the guy fired he wants to sue the world: but who knows this? Destroy him, Please.

An episode tolerable only by Meredith, Jackson and Catherine, everything else, as usual, also no.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥ – We reduced to think that fortunately the season is almost over

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