Grey’s Anatomy – 14×22 Fight For Your Mind – Review by S.

Incredible but true, This episode was cute: those who saw it coming, ormai?! There was some usually empty in the plot, but overall nothing relevant, on the contrary, have been 40 minutes even pleasant.

I cannot but point out that the only decent bet from months now is, watch case, one in which the focus was on characters that count (aka Meredith and Alex), without giving too much space to the follies of those went adrift (aka April, just to say one). I quite enjoyed the storyline of Alex and his mother: It's not very clear why he could not at least scrambling to give her a call every now and then, But let us not get into details. A parte questo, I liked that it was shown his spontaneous reaction to mother's newfound health, that Alex knew practically just sick; an instinctive reaction and, as is often the case, nothing matures, but reflecting on their emotions has managed to calm down and to appreciate what he has: the possibility of having, Right now, a more or less normal relationship with his mother. And that in itself is an accomplishment.

Extremely mature (come sempre) was, instead, Meredith: in light of the scandal of Harper Avery, has recognized the right of Marie Case to have a place in history, pace of memory of Ellis, but the mistake immediately not clear what she has inflicted in Meredith soffiandole research. MER Mer did well to give her the well serviced and to sever the relationship: What did Marie, to once again become the loving aunt of a time after what he did? But if you come back in Spain to choke with some tapas: Nobody messes with Mredith Grey!

The only downside of the episode was Arizona: I understand the intention of moving to make happy that his daughter's complaining, pity that the authors still refuse to spin us all these scenes with Cute without rhyme or reason. Why should be interested in what you think the DeLuca choices of Arizona? When does have become a serious couple? I missed a few episodes? Unfortunately no, I've seen it all, even the ugly ones, so I very much hope that the departure of Arizona entail the end of Carina's presence in Seattle because it's really hard to tolerate it.

Nel complesso, It was a good episode, that has led to progress and has not lost too much pointless ramblings (aside from the resident fired, that honestly who cares: I hope they fired yet). Pity that this slight ascent in quality is coming to two weeks from ending, circumstance which threatens to frustrate the effort; It has been confirmed that in the latest installment will there be marriage of Alex and Jo and the next we will see, probably, at (tragic?) Goodbye to April; major events always help to revive a little’ General fortunes of the season, Hopefully these two episodes can leave a memory at least vaguely pleasant before the summer break.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥♥♥ – Too little too late?

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