Grey’s Anatomy – 14×23 Cold As Ice – Review by S.

I think I'm a fan of Grey’s Anatomy with the highest level of endurance: I didn't complain when Izzie has revived a deer, nor when Izzie was having sex with a ghost, and even when Arizona and Callie are taken and left for the trecentomilionesima time. But there is a limit to everything.

It cannot be said that this was, technically, a bad episode, the essentials were all there: the scare to one of our, the anguish, harrowing scenes, the memories and final relief. Too bad that everything has been ruined by only, gigantic and unforgivable mistake: Matthew. For the record of never having been a die-hard supporter of Japril and I'm tearing up their clothes because they don't see them together anymore (Although I thought, at the end, they were destined to meet), but bring back April with Matthew It just doesn't make sense; and not only does not make sense, It is offensive and lacking in respect to all the way to April (and Jackson) in recent years, deny completely everything that happened, its growth, undo any progress without any valid reason.

I find it an insult even against us and against April same, that he's been through of cooked and raw vegetables just to get back to the starting point. I can imagine several theories that, on paper, they appear sensible thing this decision: She and Matthew are no longer the same as they were when she ran off with Jackson, then they weren't ready for each other but now they are, the pain that everyone has tried makes them more complicit than ever and blah blah blah. Invece no, simply no, does not work. Meanwhile, because when you run away bride so spectacular you can't, for no reason, get her back by her ex: But what kind of world? Do you think when will invite (di nuovo!) relatives at their wedding, What level of embarrassment we expect from 1 a 10? In addition to this, two people who get back together just because include pain each other may work for a few months, no more; a relationship must be based on something else, Otherwise just do a prayer group, no need to rediscover this great love from nothing to where no one had ever noticed. Not to mention how they sent away the whole storyline about religion and atheism of her Jackson: is what divided them when Samuel died and now we solve everything so, with him who prays because she doesn't die! For charity, the gesture is very understandable, but then we explore, We see grow their relationship in light of these new facts, but no, She is glad because he prayed, gets his altar boy and thank you. Wow, that sensible plot, as the plot of a character after 9 years.

But it's no better nor to the other incapacitated member of the cast: the clinic Robbins / Hermann perhaps has more logic of April and Matthew, but that's not how you do justice to Arizona. A character who was still relevant to the show over the course of a decade is liquidated unceremoniously with an excuse of bland and managed to live air, giving the whole feeling of wanting to end the storyline in a hurry just to take it off of here. A po’ depressing, especially considering that there was a need to make it disappear fast but that was a choice of authors well thought out.

I didn't expect that this episode feel for themselves the fate of a disappointing season in many ways, but it had all the credentials to be one of those times when Grey’s manages very well, so I thought it might at least give us 40 minutes of good entertainment; but this time the series fails even that goal, to the point that even the marriage of Alex and Jo in the finale to infuse a lot of hope.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ and .5 – Very touching scene of Jackson praying, too bad that nothing made sense

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