Grey’s Anatomy – 14×24 All of Me (Season Finale) – Review by S.

I'm out of words to comment on this disappointing season of Grey’s, the only resource left would be the insults; and it must be said that being able to ruin a season finale, where there is also one of the original's wedding, requires a certain amount of commitment.

Yet the authors have succeeded in this remarkable feat: suddenly decided to turn the series into a Comedy of the last category, as if a ridiculous plot was the equivalent of a slight parenthesis inside a drama of thickness. It's not worth dwelling on the events that we have had to witness, I'll just say that no one had to (the skeleton? The wedding planner with prawns? Really?); the marriage of Alex and Jo, We've waited for centuries, It would have been enough to fill the episode even without these interludes useless, on the contrary, It would have been better: What we wanted to see were those damn wedding, Luckily there was the royal wedding soon after to mitigate the disappointment. At this point we arrived!

Ridiculous numbers are not the only problem with this season finale: to complete the work we have the twist worthy of the best (or worse, Depending on your point of view) soap opera South America. Amelia and Owen who suddenly fall in love again (as if the first time it worked) and Teddy who promptly arrives to shake up everything with her pregnancy: is really the icing on the cake. At soap operas cannot move these criticisms, Why do you look exactly for this kind of twist, ma da Grey’s Anatomy expect more, It's all wrong under every front; along the same lines you place the rapprochement (It'll happen off-screen, to the delight of fans of the couple) between Arizona and Callie and the sudden sabbatical of Bailey, right to place Teddy somewhere.

To finish, the incident has consecrated the loss of the dignity of the poor April Kepner what a, for it has ever been to my bookmarks, After a decade would have deserved a farewell storyline a sensible minimum. Heart ached to witness the marriage proposal of Matthew (most importantly in front of Jackson!!), not because of the sentimental side of what, But why deny again the last four years of the life of April (as well as our), and that's not fair. Denies his personal growth, Professional and religious, abandoning the surgery to go to volunteer with her husband as a couple of sad catechists: You cannot comment on the level of embarrassment and offensiveness of this whole plot. Even the soundtrack has helped give us the final blow: “The Story”, Sung by Sara Ramirez and dating back to the famous musical episode, where so much had meant, forced to accompany the scenes of improvised marriage in April and Matthew: It's really too.

The only way to survive this season finale is regarded a few scenes individually, for example the speech of Meredith while Alex and Jo or wedding.. do not, nothing, that's the only time that you save. It costs me so much to write it, but I think it's just closed the blackest page of Grey’s Anatomy and I really hope that in September the route changes drastically.

Rating all ’ episode: ♥ At least Meredith had a nice dress

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