Heroes Reborn, an iconic character won't be back (Spoiler) – News

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, on the occasion of summer TCA tour, Tim Kring, series creator Heroes and now executive producer of its revival Heroes Reborn, explains the reasons behind the almost total change of cast than the mother series, revealing a spoiler that every fan of this ’ cannot remain indifferent.

In Heroes Reborn We find some of the characters in the original show have had key roles: Noah Bennet, Hiro, Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman, Angela Petrelli and Haitian ’, all faces that viewers have hardly forgotten. The retention of other protagonists in part goes inevitably ascribed to previous commitments of stakeholders, but an equally important weight is to be given to the development of the story; "The story was really the thing that dictated who would come back"Kring explains" The show was always designed to be very elastic in its premises. I always saw it as a show that could repopulate itself ". In fact, the appearance of new characters had been an important element of Heroes, just think of the many new faces with which we had to meet in the second season. With this revival that kicks off in 5 years after the events that they closed the mother series, the arrival of new characters ’ – between Heroes and not – It's physiological.

The gap in time between the events depicted on one side and the mass wave of Series Finale and the premiere of Heroes Reborn on the other hand, is the same, l ’ last episode was broadcast in February 2010. In fact, it's as if in this period of history Heroes was continued without that we could assist, While we can now resume the vision; “There’s something really great about this” afferma Kring “This is not the 5th season, this is actually the 10th season as if there were seasons in-between. I had always wanted to tell the story of when the world discovers these people". Nel Series Finale la cheerleader Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) aveva rivelato al mondo il suo potere di rigenerazione cellulare gettandosi da una ruota panoramica: il suo ennesimo tentativo, ma stavolta in diretta tv. Adesso potremo finalmente sapere quale è stata la reazione del mondo, or better, What brought this reaction; We already know what a 4 years after, the Heroes were blamed for an attack in Odessa, in Texas, and since then are forced to flee and hide. It is in this context that we will be starting from the premiere, whose events take place a year after the attack in Odessa.

What happened in those 5 years – and in the last ’ especially – is that ’ the history that affects the return or less than other characters in the original show. [SPOILER] And above all it is at the origin of the absence of one of the iconic faces: Hayden Panettiere will not return to take on the role of cheerleader because her character, Claire Bennet, died a year earlier than the moment of narrative resumes Heroes Reborn; "That gets into some of the mythology that ’ s attached to the original show", Kring explains. I personally am upset, I figured we wouldn't have revised the cheerleader, but not that she was dead, also thinking of his power – how can we forget his death in one of the first episodes and his return to life on the table of the ’ autopsy! It is clear, however, that its role in the manifestation of the Heroes in the world causes the character and his death fit perfectly in that "mythology" than Heroes Tim Kring talks about that will fascinate both fans of the first hour, both newbies and that will influence the story told by the revival. This last aspect ’ feels obviously especially compared to Noah Bennet, the adoptive father of Claire.

Heroes Reborn will begin on American screens on 24 September, with a Series Premiere of 2 hours.


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