Homeland – 4×09 There’s Something Else Going On – by R.


After seeing "There's Something Else Going On" I understand why they sent before the break – only a week stop for luck, but unsustainable after what happened in this episode. The Exchange wanted Haqqani — and who knows how many other of the ISI as well as Tasneem Qureshi – is finally here; "The United States does not negotiate with terrorists", a phrase that we have heard often in political drama – 24: Live Another Day just to mention the most recent – but that the threat to kill the former CIA Director is set aside: the us Government agreed to release all the old members of Haqqani's team in order to save it. No one is happy, Lockhart not but can't see its predecessor beheaded, Quinn not looking with an expression that says all the parade of prisoners and especially not Saul and Carrie. The first has already made it clear they would rather die than be a weapon in the hands of terrorists; the second knows that "There's something else going on", believe they have Cracked Carrie Mathison? I know that is not stupid or not replaced its medicines and Tasneem scruterebbe not like a cockroach to crush. The Mathison has its problems, but is brilliant in his work, so don't you leave enchanted by what is obviously a larger plan: Haqqani wanted to pretend to be dead, Saul's abduction came only when his nephew forced him to come out, which was his original design?

Yet as far as the question on the exchange of hostages is always there – Quinn from the control room and Carrie just metres from Saul observe every detail that could affect the fate of the operation – the construction of the scene is so perfect as to forget your worries in favor of the emotions of the moment. At the center of everything the Berenson's life, Additionally threatened by that child-warranty covered with explosives that the man reassured a few hours sleep before and that someone is ready to blow if the Americans want to screw them over. Saul reiterates what has already been expressed earlier: He doesn't want terrorists to be freed to save him and is willing to die. It does so in a harrowing confrontation with Carrie, face to face when the woman reaches the center of the area of an exchange of stand up imploring, to go with her to the American crew; but he does not yield, even in the face at the mention of his wife "You think I can live with this?": What could happen with the release of those prisoners is unsustainable for Saul, It would take forever the weight of shame to be the man for whom the American Government had to bend their heads releasing dangerous terrorists can result in who knows how many dead. Berenson is not backing down, accept even a child sacrifice to kill him. Luckily, Carrie has passed the stage of ready to do anything to defeat the enemy, putting this in the first place trying to Saul. A weight must have also had the conversation with Mira, who had doubted that Carrie would give priority to the salvation of Saul – Carrie had seriously thought that refers to Lockhart? – without forgetting the experience with Aayan which has engraved on women more than she would have guessed. The speech between tears of Mathison to Saul sounds like the opposite of what the same woman was ready to do until recently, When I would hit it with a missile in order to eliminate the enemy: "Do you know who you sound like? Them. 14 years of war and this is what it's come to? Asking a child to blow you to kingdom come? And for what? For fucking what? This is not who we are. This is not who you are (...) No more dying. I want to go home ". And finally the man rises, allowing the conclusion of Exchange. Take a small sigh of relief.


Still fresh from the experience of Mid-Season finale of The Walking Dead, We are aware that the dangers of a swap are not over until there are miles and miles away between the parties. If we add that menacing "There's Something Else Going On" peace is a goal still far. The fact that illuminate everything – too too late though – is that treacherous by Dennis Boyd makes the scenario more terrifying because if the man useless had talked before we could avoid the drama. Dennis makes his sin to the aggravation "Deny rule, deny always deny ", does not yield nor in front of John, or Carrie; even the wife – I have to say I had own frigate with its doppogioco – with good and bad can extort something, who hasn't wanted to see get Jack Bauer in his merciless torturer version to confess? Like the Ambassador I must admit being captivated by her not collapse at the first insinuation, I thought I had him so weak to seize the first opportunity to shake that weight. And instead tries to even the escape! You decide to speak only when fully realizes what he did, sensing what the terrorists ' plan. Pity we want the explosion to damage cars that accompany in Carrie and Saul Embassy. Berenson is still in a delicate state when he gets the call to wife, has difficulty even to pick up the phone, Perhaps that sense of shame that I said before; and when he finally is going to parlay here is that the car in front of them is hit. That explosion follow other, We do not know if their machine is among those jumping in air, I certainly do not see them get off, will be survivors? The Ambassador was forced to send the marines in place and it is precisely this decision to rouse Dennis: that idiot told Tasneem the Embassy tunnel that allowed Carrie to enter and exit unhindered. At the same time it is crossed by Haqqani and his men just released: the u.s. Embassy is defenceless and in full terrorist invasion. Thanks Dennis!


The original plan of Haqqani is revealed when the same Carrie, taken from the emotions of the Exchange, seemed to have forgotten her every suspect. And now we don't know even what state is. I doubt that she is dead, but Saul? And Quinn to the Embassy? We make it clear: Peter Quinn can't die because of that traitor of Dennis, is unacceptable!

The episode is so addictive that I realized that time passed and now there is also the break, that effort! In three episodes from the season finale we see an episode worthy of the Season Finale and see further proof that this season deserves far more than the previous ones. And now what we expect?


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