Homeland – 4×10 13 Hours in Islamabad – by R.


Absolutely worthy of a previous episode, where the 13 hours in Islamabad of the title fly away in a continuous crescendo of emotions: high expectations that "There's something else going on" had perfect satisfaction are powered with a siege at the Embassy that get to the heart and a situation that is far from improving. John did not survive explosions on the street, While Carrie and Saul reported only some wound. But it's not over yet: snipers surround them and the first shots down the marine that Quinn has just communicated the ongoing siege at the Embassy. The request for help to the one who so far has proved the only loyal members of the ISI, Khan, Unfortunately falls into the void when man is put under by Tasneem, that "suggests" to defer to 10 minutes sending the platoon to the rescue to Americans because for too long you get involved in their affairs (combat helicopters which provided though if they keep them tight!). Certain that a Colonel might also assert themselves more, He even threatened, can this woman do so afraid?! Carrie is forced to transform into sniper to help marines (This season is their field agent in 360°), While the "rescue" Pakistanis come when everything is now under control. During the shooting the Mathison questions because of what is happening, little does she know that is just a red herring to make the Embassy more vulnerable. She and Saul but a look at the crowd at the gate and especially the enemy flag hanging from their Embassy to understand: Haqqani has them brought to their knees.


The terrorist makes it clear why it is feared: gunfire and died just starting sets foot in Embassy; and everything is bound to worsen with the taking of hostages will be executed one after the other if Lockhart (He took refuge in the vault with the Ambassadress Boyd and his staff) will not deliver the list of assets that Americans have in those territories. The CIA Director is proving more sensitive than it had appeared in the first episodes and so, After agreeing to give in to the demands of Haqqani to save Saul, does the same when the knife of the terrorist threat Will. Sadly and predictably the gesture of Lockhart not needed: American citizens executed moments before it joins its Fara, guilty of being a Muslim who helps Americans.

Peter Quinn is the action of the episode, It is he who in the absence of the marines took over the defense of the Embassy, delete a terrorist after another, injures Haqqani and makes it difficult to escape before being forced to stop in front of an explosion that blocks the passage. But above all is the one who even when success of Haqqani is a fact doesn't give up, queries Saul mercilessly for seizing the smallest clue that might lead him to the hideout of the terrorist. The u.s. Government has surrendered, the entire Embassy will be dismantled and all will return to Washington. Peter Quinn no: the man who returned to Pakistan only as a favor to Carrie, now is the only one to continue to believe in a mission that all give as a failure done and concluded. Even Carrie that go in that country had blackmailed Lockhart presidential notes the decision to withdraw without the slightest objection. Quinn instead it launches immediately into what is in effect a personal mission, having no support from the Government; all one needs is a cell phone and a diversion improvised to get on the right track, becoming in this way a new Jack Bauer, a hero who just against all fighting for the sake of his country. With Saul prisoner and folded, Peter this season has become the primary male partner of Carrie: He flew from her when asked, He confronted and criticized when she didn't approve of his methods and now took over the Mission in which the woman has lost all hope.


Carrie on his part, feel the weight of defeat, not only that of the Mission in which firmly believed, but above all that the loss of Fara. Although in past episodes did not spare harsh words, for a student to train was Going Yes Mathison, But even a girl that needed protection yet. The reproaches that moves them Max I would not share them, the work that Carrie was preparing Fara is hard and relentlessly, There is no time for the praise, especially when your student gets to criticize you because we believe your behavior too insensitive. FARA, as far as good, He was starting out and still not understood that in certain situations there was no room for the sentiments. Maybe it's also because of his remaining "naivete" that his death does more harm to the crew of Carrie and her first; the scene where calls his family to inform her of the death is clear to that effect. The Mathison stands out emotionally in this episode also for attitude on business plan; as mentioned accepts the decision of the President peacefully because it accepts the failure, He did everything he could, but it was not enough. And’ a season that was blackmailing Carrie opposite that of the CIA Director and lied to her sister to get back on the field because he believed he could do something. This change closes perfectly with the answer he gives to a Lockhart full of doubt and guilt for having delivered to Haqqani the list "I'm not sure what I would've done, either ".


Anche Martha Boyd He believed strongly in his diplomatic mission in Pakistan (No wonder she and Carrie had approached immediately when the second came) and in his case the failure might burn a lot more whereas originally there is the betrayal of her husband Dennis. L ’ man, Although I must only sit in the corner of his cell without a murmur, has the effrontery to ask his belt to hang, pushing that last gesture as a fine finale: would she and her son sorrows and humiliations, Maybe causing them to retain a role in diplomacy. I must say that this interpretation has its logic, but considering it comes from the man who lied until the last minute, He tried twice to escape and drugged Carrie I cannot see the other side of the coin: the cowardice of not wanting to face the consequence of what has made. Martha, terribly torn by all the mixed feelings and emotions of the last hours, makes the decision to a wife in spite of everything in love, by agreeing to the will of Dennis. But man is vile to the last: the Ambassador if he finds himself the next morning drive ready to return to the United States under escort, more on that last favor for the woman who betrayed!

The episode closes with the greeting between Carrie and Saul: He does return home, While she remains in Islamabad to find Quinn because it still feels responsible for that man who went to Pakistan only to help her. Now we are alone, There are no official covers, support teams or collaborations with a country whose support had always been doubt; I mean before they return to Washington the better!


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