Homeland – 4×11 Krieg Nicht Lieben – by R.


As announced in the conclusion of the tenth episode, in the eleventh witnessing a reversal of roles between Carrie and Quinn: While she opted for the path of caution, the man continues his vengeance without hesitation against Haqqani. A total change of direction compared to the start of the season for the two protagonists, It finds its raison d'etre in different perspective with which they watched the assault on the American Embassy.

Carrie accepts the defeat, his only goal is to get all members of his team were in Pakistan safely, Quinn including. Yet his team, still in shock about what happened, seems more from Peter: don't just want to bring him home, want to help him in revenge against Haqqani. But for Carrie that is not a feasible option. The woman was in danger of losing herself with the dirty trick that they played with the replacement of pills, He saw the bodies of his colleagues (Sandy, John, FARA) and he almost had to say goodbye to Saul. And now Quinn goes for a suicide mission (Khan confirmed him): can't lose him, too, It clearly says to Max "I cannot lose anyone else". The desire to see Haqqani defeated does not prevail over on to protect his men – goodbye to Carrie that sees the death of Saul as a side effect: No one is more expendable. Even his daughter. If Quinn is not enough, Carrie comes the coup de grace, with his sister informing them of his father's death (the actor who gave him the face, James Rebhorn, He died in March 2014); the woman loses the largest reference point of his life, which makes people rediscover the maternal love for Franny, what a, for the first time since leaving for Pakistan, asks to see via Skype – maybe Maggie can breathe a sigh of relief at last. The scene in which Carrie tries to hold back tears and not flinching, even on one occasion so sad, In addition to justify all prizes received from Claire Danes for her role on Showtime series, It could also give them a deserved this year, reporting in this way Homeland on stage.


After the death of Sandy Bachman, Quinn had closed with the Agency and had started all necessary formal procedures to that effect; only the help of his beloved Carrie did retrace its steps back to Pakistan. But as involved in the mission, lacked that attitude of "willing to do anything to bring it to an end". No rash or excessive action to avoid putting at risk the lives of innocent civilians and colleagues: Carrie had criticized for having seduced the boy by Aayan and above all had calmed down and literally blocked when to avenge his death was ready to detonate a missile on Saul's head. Now, however, has witnessed the carnage carried out by Haqqani and faced only sees the vengeance: only, in a city where the majority of the populace sings to his enemy as a hero of the fatherland and wanted by ISI, Quinn develops perfectly in his mission impossible, finding support in a German old flame. Despite the woman works for the Embassy of Germany, not too many questions about how her ex is doing and without hesitation even helps in building a bomb. Or has a neutral trust in him (thing that Carrie accused of not having "He thought you'd have more faith in him than this") or have much more serious problems of Mathison. Also I have blind confidence in Peter Quinn, but the fact remains that it is the most sought after by terrorists and Pakistani army, If he does not move comes out alive: It is not a matter of trust, simply we'd like to avoid that face the end of Jack Bauer or worse. The German woman knows Quinn for a long time and informs us and Carrie unlikely Quinn never leave his work; I wanted and we went around many times, It never came up in the bottom: his relationship with this craft is evidently love-hate relationship, It sickens him, but he could not do anything else. Exactly how that Carrie. The two clashed often this season and at the beginning he was accused of being distracted (thus losing Sandy) to protect Carrie, She is now left behind to rescue Quinn. The strong bond that unites them is clear evidence in the concluding scene: they had a fight, they are slammed in their face disagree, but Carrie knows that Quinn would not ever hurt her. That's why it fits in the crowd of demonstrators singing hymns to Haqqani, the exact targeted by Quinn, that seeing her a few moments before you operate the bomb stops: she risks everything to him – with a sentence that was expected of much “I can't lose you, Quinn” – and he gives up everything for her.

The tension, however, is not over, proving that Carrie has absolutely forgotten how Haqqani asked; just watch it again to be overwhelmed again by anger over the death of Aayan and now she is poised to kill him. Luckily Khan stops just in time, not only because it so the tragic fate of Quinn touch her, but mostly because the SUV with Haqqani's an old acquaintance: Dar Adal. What do you do with the enemy? In front of this picture may not resonate not words that once man turned to Saul "It's a sentimental idea (...) that our people come before the mission ". A thought in opposition to what Carrie Guide and Quinn.


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