Homeland – 4×12 Long Time Coming (Season Finale) – by R.


I state that are among the few to have appreciated this season finale; It's true it was a quiet episode than the conclusions to which we had become accustomed and especially compared to more recent: No explosions, shootings, hangings, only a thorough personal investigation of the protagonists. But also serves, If it were always all action it would not make sense, so it would be a marathon of films of Steven Seagal. Among other things one of the things that distinguishes Homeland the other show on terrorist, 24, It is the greater weight given to the psychology of the characters.

And anyway you can't define a quiet episode Carrie, called to deal with the sudden return of the mother, the funeral of the father, the aftermath of the Mission in Pakistan and the long-awaited kiss with Quinn. The Mathison appears in a version different from that to which we are accustomed, more like the image – then promptly debunked – He had left in the first episode of imagine this fourth season. Carrie finally seems serene that catapulted "normal life" that went first so close: as announced by the short exchange via Skype "Krieg Nicht Lieben", the little Franny has succeeded in bringing to light the spirit of maternal protagonist, that no longer appears impatient and frightened by her role as mom. Exactly what his father had predicted. His funeral becomes an opportunity not only for a moving monologue by Carrie, manifesting its fragility, But even for a reunion with three male characters that so many things had to deal with her, Quinn, Saul and Lockhart: the four manage to spend an evening "sad, but fun ", forgetting for a while’ the question and pulling the Haqqani breath from all the hoopla that surrounds them yet. It took just. But most of all we wanted the passionate kiss between Quinn and Carrie; the authors seem to just have the gear geared for the true beginning of their history. After what happened in the last episode it was clear that a change in their relationship was just around the corner, but the long period where Quinn's feelings have not seen the slightest glimmer of contraccambiati not be left little doubt on a concrete step forward. But the kissing scene is enough to wipe them. We are not all too easy though, We are always talking about Carrie Mathison. The woman immediately manifested his doubts to Peter: "I know how it goes. It ends badly ", his bipolar disorder is a sword of Damocles over any connection, they are already doomed to failure. Quinn is right in saying you have already seen in "critical" condition, It is also taking a handful! He wants Carrie, want to build a new life with her, away from those missions who destroy them, Once again declares that he intends to leave his job, but now he knows that alone cannot make it "Islamabad was ugly. It was a black hole and I don't want anything like that in my life ever again. I want to get out and stay out. But I can't do it on my own. I've learned that (...) We get out together ". How can you resist such a declaration? Carrie may, But Peter leaves them time to reflect.


To give a new jolt to the protagonist of everything I thought except to his mother; the woman who had abandoned her and her sister 15 years before comes back after reading the obituary. In this case, to surprise me between the two sisters is Maggie: How does one accept her at home like nothing happened? In 15 years has never interested and does well as the offense when Carrie doesn't want to let her know Franny! Nor is much more convincing in his attempt to retrieve the relationship wanting to with daughters if just that no more justified by Carrie for her leaving for Missouri without even leaving a delivery. The essays and precious teachings of Mary during You've got mail they have taught nothing? The Mathison cannot forgive her so simply and Maggie can't comparison in the habit of "walking out": Carrie then noted that make mom wasn't for her, would hurt herself and Franny, but it has not forgotten the daughter, maintaining contacts and it was obvious that sooner or later it would come back; by their mother are not arriving or telephone calls or tickets 15 years. Is not the same thing. Carrie however has a heart of stone could appear on several occasions and when he learns that his father, in spite of everything, kept jealously wedding reminders, VA in Missouri in search of an explanation of his departure. In addition to the surprise of having a half-brother 15 years, Carrie is informed by a truth that changes every perspective on his private life: the mother never went because life with a bipolar man is impossible and doomed to ruin, But why couldn't help but betray, until becoming pregnant by one of her lovers made the guilt too heavy. Carrie has always believed not to ever let go really in a relationship because of his illness because failure would always be around the corner: This had happened to her parents. But the reality was quite another, So what until now blocked in saying yes to Quinn vanishes. Everything is ready for the happy ending, but the look of Peter shortly before suggests the worst, which of course is made: the hesitation of Carrie convinced that a Yes there would never be and so he left for a self-managed mission, highly dangerous and where, just to complete the picture, external communications are not possible. But Geez Quinn! Okay that she seemed more for the no to Yes, but give her a little’ more time? You fell in love with Carrie Mathison afterall, you know that has its problems, you waited until now, wait few hours I ran up against so much?


Since Quinn's departure is not enough, to make burnt around Carrie thinks the protagonist of the scene of the last episode: Dar Adal. The man is willing to pass on to dead Americans at the Embassy to find fruitful agreements with Haqqani – because the mission is worth more than their men – and pushes Saul he do the same: Haqqani does not spread the videos as they are together and he can take the place of Lockhart (poor guy, He was only trying to save Will and force him to resign!). Who wouldn't bet on no of Saul? It is always the man who until a few days before would rather die than allow the release of a group of terrorists: Saul Berenson could never get off at those compromises, would be reneging on what has always been and would slap it made by Carrie and Quinn. But the CIA Director's role prevails over everything and words that Mathison aimed at Giving "You make to Adal deal with Haqqani, You dishonor every officer, every soldier at the embassy who died at his hands. Saul would spit in your face "are immediately denied by Saul in the latter's House. Nothing but spit in your face, probably also thanked!


The season finale of Homeland Thus concludes, with Carrie alone, betrayed by his friend that firmly believed and abandoned by Quinn when the two were on the verge of being. What will be his reaction? The Mathison could find refuge in a quieter life with his daughter, but hardly able to break away from that world that has caused so much pain: as Peter, can't help it. There were many doubts about this fourth season, Brody's death seemed an event intended to bring down the entire series, but so was not, Indeed I consider personally the best. Besides a gripping storyline and plenty of twists, Claire Danes has brought forth great history, While respecting what happened earlier. The void left by the character of Damian Lewis was filled gradually by Peter Quinn, that toward the end also revealed that action side of himself which until now we had only heard. There have been criticisms, by Brody's nostalgic as they consider pointless series after his death to the Pakistani ones, they have criticized the negative data representation in your country. Although the ratings were lower than previous seasons, gone are increasing in bet betting, thus confirming the decision of Showtime to renew the series for a fifth year, arrived in November 2014. And who knows if during this long wait for the fifth season will recommence not to press for the series, recently snubbed after large initial applause. We hope at least in acknowledgment to Claire Danes, do you not hear already lack his Carrie Mathison?



3 thoughts on "Homeland – 4×12 Long Time Coming (Season Finale) – by R.

  1. I also liked this season finale, A lot. And then the funeral of the father of Carrie is doubly moving because the actor who played him, James Rebhorn, died recently because of a melanoma that had been diagnosed by years.
    The fifth season appearance, and I hope to revisit Quinn! 🙂

  2. In fact, among other things, the episode was dedicated to James Rebhorn.
    Now that Carrie is ready for a relationship with Quinn we miss who doesn't return, He also hit on Franny!

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