Homeland 5, first insights into the fifth season – News


There are still several months to return to Homeland, but from PaleyFest, as reported by site Tv Guide, already important advances coming on the new season of the Showtime drama. One of the creators, Alex Gansa, announced that Homeland resumes two and a half years After the events of season finale, will probably be set in Germany and Carrie is no longer an agent of the CIA. Quite a lot’ of things to metabolize, that modify the prospect emerged in the last episode, with the return of key players at home and a new sentimental-affective situation of Carrie than Franny, Saul and especially Quinn. The found maternal sense, a friend's betrayal and abandonment of wannabe-boyfriend had created a sleep state whose development, with the leap in time, We'll have to understand in retrospect.

Undoubtedly one of the major question marks about the couple Carrie-Quinn, on which the protagonist Claire Danes spends words that cast doubt on more than a distinct possibility that the romance can take off “They were really struggling, displaced and disoriented and there was nobody else…that need was really about that more than any true desire to be with each other”. In Conclusion “I need you because I love you” or “I love you because I need you”?


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