Homeland – 5×01 Separation Anxiety (Season Premiere) – Review by R.


The Season Finale of the fourth season had shown us a Carrie Mathison in the early stages of an important personal change: for the first time began to put aside that job you were completely dedicated and had not received equally – indeed – on behalf of herself and her baby. The Season Premiere of the fifth confirms achieving that transformation.

Set two years after the facts with which he had greeted, the season five of Homeland presents a new Carrie, l ’ opposite of what we saw a year ago. In the first two episodes of the fourth series, Carrie was the ’ CIA agent willing to whatever it takes to do its work, that even small Frannie represented an obstacle. But now Carrie Mathison is first and foremost a mom, brings her daughter to school, organizes birthday parties with balloons and every night is home to give her a Goodnight; the woman so choked by maternal responsibility to attempt to drown the daughter is a distant memory, per fortuna. But it is not only the role of mother to emphasize the change from Carrie: is a more relaxed woman, Serena, has a stable relationship with a colleague who perfectly reflects its d type man ’, I'm not the only one to notice the similarity with Brody, true? – a job as head of security for a philanthropic foundation, Berlin turns cycling and regularly goes to church. In front of these images we could really ask ourselves what happened to our Crazy Carrie! The Mathison has pledged to leave behind the old tormented life and succeeded in its aim. At least until now. The past comeback and Carrie's position both Frannie totters toward that itself we met in previous seasons.


Two events that rocked the German everyday. Her boss, Eight Düring, was decided to travel to Lebanon to deliver aid, so Carrie must ensure safe passage in a field controlled by Hezbollah, Although it is not for nothing d ’ agreement on ’ this transfer opportunities. From ’ the other side we have the style storyline Snowden, with hackers who accidentally had access to CIA documents that prove an agreement between United States and Germany on a ’ illegal invasion of citizens ' privacy; a violation that brings Saul in Berlin and a colleague of Carrie, the journalist Laura, a fidgety as he was dying to publish the stolen document received. Either way Carrie reappeared at the old life. To ensure the safety of Düring, the Mathison is forced to dangerous contacts that lead to be kidnapped; not exactly what would happen to a normal career mom. But especially Carrie finds herself between two fires that they throw the ’ one the opposite of ’ more. While Laura insinuates that Carrie is still too "CIA agent" and consequently unwilling to jeopardize the u.s. Government image ’, Saul l ’ had disowned the Carrie Mathison who would do anything to keep his country safe. In Conclusion, How to help a bipolar person.


Laura is irritating, the radical champion of Justice always ready to discredit their Government, believe it less and leave Carrie! On Saul l ’ opinion is more complex. After the Season Finale was ready to take sides with Carrie against all: Berenson had left the nomination as CIA Director and Quinn had not had a minimum of patience. The face to face meeting between Carrie and Saul but raises some concerns. Saul did not become Director and Carrie seems to have had a role in that failure, But what more indispettisce l ’ man is the decision of ’ former friend to leave the CIA, or better, to stand by ’ "What are you atoning for? Keeping America safe? (...) You turned your back on your entire life ". A speech like that I would have expected to reverse parts, Yet I find it difficult to contest. Two years before Saul had accepted the Dar line Adal to put the mission first of single men, but the ’ goal for him has always been ’ in ’ l America; Carrie instead is working for a foundation that seems ready to review each rule of the Government in the name of its philanthropic mission – Düring ignores safety issues and apparently approves the publication of anxiety ’ Laura. Maybe Saul has reason: d ’ agreement to change life and stay quiet and happy with his little girl, but through that job Carrie is more or less unconsciously denying the past. Opt for a different work-no? Or that it is his way to atone for what he has done as CIA agent? What happened in Pakistan has clearly marked the Mathison, "All that suffering and nothing changes", She lost too much for remain indifferent to those that once were only side effects, But even those who killed for doing his job – remains impressed when Al-Amin accused the child's death. Possible that the justification of his homeland security is not enough?


Let's review also Quinn, in the past two years has been involved in missions in the Middle East and continues now in Berlin with the complicity of Saul, but without the support of the CIA; l ’ yet another mission that self-managed ’ man shows to finish to perfection – also a Quinn d ’ action hero as we saw in ’ Episode 4×10 It is always good! Last season Peter wanted to change life, had left for Pakistan for its Carrie, but now their positions are completely overturned. It is reasonable to assume that the two did not are best viewed from the scene of the Season Finale so curiosity about their meeting are several. The Mathison has a boyfriend, Jonas, with which seems to have found the serenity for himself and Frannie, but we really have to lay down all hope on this pair?

At the end of the episode Carrie receives a call that ensures safe passage required for Düring; at that moment is in bed with Jonas and Frannie, a scene of everyday life sweet now contaminated by that world that you no longer belong to illusions. One thing maybe Laura's right "You can take a girl out of the CIA, but…"; and only with Mathison field again Homeland can really start.


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