Homeland – 5×02 The Tradition of Hospitality – Review by R.


Homeland comes alive with this second episode, making it clear to Carrie that the time of still life from "private citizen" and mom is over. Ma soprattutto, I don't want Frannie, alarmed us shipper of the pair Carrie-Quinn.

What was supposed to be a trip of a few days turns into worst nightmare for ’ Mathison: the forced return full-time in the past, done shooting, explosions, kidnappings and intrigue. If two years ago was false papers to return to work in the field, now the ’ idea to stay in Lebanon for more than expected since bursting into tears in the bathroom. And the situation precipitated when he learns that the real target of the attack escaped was not ’ her boss, but she herself. Apparently the woman has never been in danger because now that withdrew from the front lines: life as a mom and from any employee was only an illusion of normality for ’ a character like Carrie Mathison, that between past and present has created enemies on every front. The customer may in fact be someone from her damaged when he was CIA agent, but there are concrete possibilities whether his former colleagues. This second hypothesis is confirmed by the message code received from Quinn, that indicates how the next target to eliminate the name Mathison. Moment of confusion that only Peter with that tough expression ’ d ’ action hero can mask; Quinn should kill Carrie? I put in an unpleasant first encounter, with a rinfacciarsi accusations each other, but a murderous mission is a bit’ drastic.


Although it is not known if behind the name Mathison there's Saul – as for the woman who recruited teenagers to fight – It should be someone from the CIA; unless it was a mole, d Moreover at least one ’ per season we have. Yet in this case the ’ idea of a mole seems the least plausible, several times in fact you feel the distrust of the CIA in his former agent. That feeling that Carrie is between two fires emerged in premiere, persists on both sides. With Waleed, the Mathison is forced to reiterate that he is now "a private citizen", While a former colleague, Hank, repeatedly insinuates that his work for the Foundation Düring is just a Trojan horse studied with Saul; in Berlin, there is no shortage of speculation about him: photos of herself with Laura Sutton does not put it in a positive light in the eyes of the secret service. The choice of working for Eight Düring continues to appear the worst possible, could not do the Chief of security in any type of company ’? The ’ Foundation's commitment in the war is difficult to reconcile with the ’ activity in the past by Carrie, the fact that should make arrangements (by ben 40 thousand dollars) with those who once fought them should arise some question. Among the other Eight ’ is not exactly the most cooperative of the world. Before the Mathison strongly discourages leaving him and he does not cede one millimeter; d the evening arrival in Lebanon ’, Düring organizes a party without even warn her; Finally, Carrie tells him that they only have one hour guaranteed security ’ and Eight dwell with monologue, losing additional time as well to shake hands right and left. L ’ you taken to make if you don't ever listen to?


Carrie spends the episode ’ alarm State, attentive to every detail that can report a ’ anomaly. It is not only for his work, nor to the knowledge of those places, is the different knowledge that has self now, not being alone while in the past "There wasn t ’ anyone waiting for me back at home" – in fact c was already Frannie ’ 2 years ago, but let's take for good this joke. Both the trip to Lebanon to have awakened past grudges or new job have created new, its location all Foundation ’ Düring brought ’ l where she did not want to come back and this time with a more central position you can't. Carrie is in the crosshairs of Quinn, which demonstrates a glacial coldness in his mission. I don't think I can even try to kill you, However it is clear that the conditions for their reunion change significantly; pure in the eyes of the new work Peter Mathison might sound jarring compared to transactions in which dipped over the past two years.

And Saul in everything? Stabbed each other with Allison Carr Apart from, I like to think that this ’ is correct when he insinuates that the man ’ he would act differently if in its place there was Carrie Mathison. It is one thing to criticise, fight and maybe not turn the word for years, but it cannot be changed to the point where they turn their backs and even less to sacrifice.

Allison delivers perfectly well my vision of journalist Laura Sutton "She ’ d let the country burn as long as she got her Pulitzer prize"; Despite growing antipathy for this ’ ’ last I must say it was very funny the scene where live tv claims that the secret service will be putting up home and shooting off on his apartment, where two agents are doing a sweep.

Carrie Mathison must return to action, There are no more doubts; the real questions are who and who will be at his side. Increases ’ waiting for reunion with Peter Quinn, that if he had gone to Pakistan to help her flirty, should now reach it with the opposite intention ’. But you know, the great love often blossoms in the most hostile circumstances, so don't lose hope. Also because the activities of the current ’ ’ boyfriend has an inevitable negative reflection on Carrie, being the ’ lawyer of dissident journalist who is embarrassing Germany and USA. Another reason why we can quickly put aside in favor of Jonas Quinn.


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