Homeland – 5×03 Super Powers – Review by R.


This episode reminds us why we love Carrie Mathison and her interpreter. The skill of Claire Danes is known, but faced with performance like this you can't avoid to be continually impressed. However, it would be too simplistic to reduce everything to the scene of his mental breakdown; his skill lies in making the different moments of Carrie, by ’ of past seasons hyperactive agent to the recent mother serena, the woman destroyed by grief to that in the throes of a psychotic break.

A few days after the return to Berlin, Carrie hidden lives with Franny and Jonas, even the CIA manages to track her down. Had to say goodbye to the still life made of everyday life between school, work and home; She is devastated when she is forced to postpone her daughter in the United States by his sister, making net again the comparison with images of a year ago. Carrie must deal with her past and especially herself back then to understand who wants her dead. And it makes a gesture that does not bode well: stop the medication for his bipolar disorder. The woman is convinced that in this way will have a brief window of brilliant lucidity that will allow you to understand, to give the best of themselves. Jonas ’ is the lifeline, ready to intervene in case of need. We know how can get Carrie when she's sick, Jonas no. Also doesn't seem to know the history of the woman who is next, Despite claims to have studied his résumé. The current boyfriend of Mathison ’ I do not like it and not only because Quinn typhus. Sometimes it seems too good to be true – so good with Franny how sweet – with his mother then comes out with a ridiculous comparison between his condition from estranged father and Carrie who must move to protect her daughter.


But above all to make me turn up their nose is his attitude toward his partner when he starts to discover its skeletons in the closet ’: in front of the number of civilians killed in operations managed by women remains upset, If you shut up, almost pouding, reminded me of that annoying Wes with Annalise in How To Get Away With Murder. As long as pressures of Carrie says the last thing ’ you need: "I don ’ know how you live with yourself". Ora, claims to have read his curriculum, then knows the various roles that had covered for the CIA, What did you think would? He never wondered why Carrie was so determined to turn your back on the world? It is also a humanitarian Foundation lawyer engaged in the territories where Mathison worked, should know how to operate certain operations. But we were also convinced that Carrie was acting with flowers and chocolates instead of drones and missiles, knowing the current status of women, already proven and at the edge of the explosion of his ’ bipolar disorder, He wants one thing to say to you? It doesn't stop here, leave it alone: Carrie was entrusted to his care and he goes to get some fresh air ’ d indefinitely. From there the collapse is inevitable: the Mathison drinks after months of abstinence, has hallucinations about Aayan and convinces imaginative scenario, in which avenging Angels want to punish her for her sins, too much because the acquittal is possible ’. To hear her talk of angels, punishment, forgiveness and his need to attend church most appear well founded allegations that Saul has moved in premiere, implying that is denying the past where we met her ’.


Obviously Jonas fails easily take her pills and Crazy Carrie returns to full power. Yet in the midst of its crisis c is the ’ phase of lucidity in which she firmly believed and that after the avenging Angels were to consider wishful thinking: the Mathison understands in fact the trap into which the partner is just fell in response to the call of ’ ex-wife. Jonas isn't even includes when Carrie tells him, It is clear that it is not the man for you ’. What Mathison cannot know even in his madness is genius who is behind that trap, Quinn. Just that keeps us anxious in the final scene: Jonas is gone, Carrie is hiding in the woods with a rifle and Quinn – hooded and unrecognizable in the dark –, confirming the idea of women ’. She shoots him, but before he can identify it, Peter, unharmed thanks to vest, makes you lose your senses.

While Laura even when it's irritating – the frigate remains dell usb dev ’ content ’ be changed from Numan's friend ’ for gain on sale of the documents violated – Saul supports negative suspicions emerged in Season Finale. Although it does not deny that it may have its share of right about the drastic change in Carrie, He is not less: the first place of the personal agenda of ’ Berenson there are power games, who's next to Backstab to maintain its position. Who knows what this Saul might be able. I certainly didn't expect that he had started a relationship with Allison, We have to deduce that with aim's definitely over?

Something on the Mission of Peter puzzles me: When he played the message not completed, It stopped at "Mathiso", because? In ’ waiting to attend all forthcoming ’ showdown between Carrie and Quinn, Let's take a step back in the love life of Mathison. I have already ruled on the similarity between Jonas and Brody, If then we hide and advocate Carrie ’ in a secluded House in the Woods ’, l ’ déjà vu effect is inevitable: How can you not think back to the cabin where they met Carrie and Brody? I'm surprised that during the crisis has not confused with Nicholas Jonas!


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