Homeland – 5×04 Why Is This Night Different? – Review by R.


In an episode in which reality enters forcefully, We are witnessing the first major revelation of the season and to reinforce the ship Carrie-Quinn.

Homeland is it not the show where history d ’ love between the characters takes a leading position – although originally the report was also under that Carrie-Brody central point of view – but after this episode is virtually impossible to remain silent on the fate of the couple. We were certain that Quinn would not have accomplished its mission, can do the ruthless killer as he wants, but we know that behind that ’ image is a good boy that all we would like to. If not then just abandons by ’ kill Carrie, but get to cut the Palm of the hand to make credible his fake death, then we can forgive him for that sudden departure at the end of last season. In front of a startled Mathison, Peter keeps tough role, the makes it clear his situation and consequences: is a target and must say goodbye to her life (Frannie including) to protect herself and her daughter; It seems almost numb when the contests the video message to Frannie, However just see him sitting there in the background, without even looking at it while the record, to understand that his feelings are all ’ more. Quinn wants to get away from Carrie as soon as possible, not only for its mission, but because they don't want to deal with that speech in suspended by two years. The woman tells him to have it always sought and in front of the phrase "I never stopped thinking about you"my eyes dreamy was shut down just for advertising, not for that "’ Doesn t matter now" with which Quinn tries to cut it short.


Luckily, Carrie has no plans to give up his daughter so easily and requires certainty on Saul's involvement in his attempted murder, Thus she and Peter have a brief mission to share. The shootout that involved l ’ ’ ’ man all output from the post office is a good thing for the rapprochement of the two, less in terms of their safety. Whoever wanted Carrie dead, now he wants the same fate for Quinn. Clearly who is behind that cipher does not have the slightest intention to be reconnected all ’ murder of Carrie Mathison and also the one who hired is too uncomfortable. ERGO cannot be Saul: If compared to Carrie, Despite how confirmed herself Saul remains "someone I trust more than I ever trusted anyone", a small doubt could peep in us and in Quinn, get rid of this ’ did not sense by virtue of ’ operation on which they agreed in the premiere. I mean okay the about-face, but that Saul would seriously want to kill Carrie and Quinn is not plausible. Peter was wounded in the shootout, Carrie avoids the worst and retrieves the killer cell. The next scene is divided between when contacting l ’ last number dialed from the killer we discover who his mandator and one where the ship for Carrie and Quinn grows exponentially. Peter is healed by her Carrie and faints into his arms; as you can see them together so and remain indifferent?


Sighs aside for the scenes Carrie-Quinn, We can start to hate the bad of the season – not that previously had made particularly nice. Allison Carr is the one who answers the phone killer! The woman who tried to unseat Saul from power to slip Meanwhile in her bed, is the same who wants Carrie and Quinn dead. Is a mole or is doing the double play only against Berenson? In the second case, He l ’ supported by Dar Adal? L ’ envy demonstrated toward Carrie is now a much more solid base of simple jealousy than Saul's attention and perhaps has something to do with the final blast of air ’ ’. Allison and Saul take part to a CIA plan aimed at establishing a new command ’ in Syria; from the reaction of Berenson in particular it is clear that the death of the ’ man upon whom they tried to pry not contained in the original plans; at least not in those of Saul, about Allison can no longer be sure of anything.


There is no way to get rid of ’ Laura Sutton. The CIA is breathing down my neck, the usb provided by Numan was a rip off, but she doesn't have the slightest intention to step back. Does not think twice to put Jonas into an awkward position – and here Otto takes his – nor to risk all Berliner ’ hacker back in jail. L ’ only good thing is its storyline connects with respect to what is happening all ’ Numan's friend, which of course discovers too late that they have committed l ’ worst mistake by deciding to sell the documents to the Russians. He did so much blowhard and then falling into these traps by rookie. He and his girlfriend are murdered, While the Russians have documents about the USA and Germany; Allison and Saul will have their work cut beyond dell ’ plane exploded.

To Russian intentions, Carrie to go unnoticed wears a brunette wig that he must have borrowed many of Elizabeth Jennings, l ’ an undercover agent of the KGB in The Americans. I must say that befits a lot more to the character of Keri Russell, Claire Danes is well both brunette (Remember Romeo Juliet?) that blonde, but this wig is a big no! And then Carrie, We are no longer in years 80!


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